Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best form of communication for Cathryn? 
Email for questions about your child.  Email for questions about registration or payment information.

What is the best form of communication for the front desk? 
Email at

I forgot my password, can you send it to me? 
We do not have access to your passwords at the front desk, but you can have your password sent to your email that you signed up with online.

How old do I have to be to register for classes? 
REGISTRATION REQUESTS MUST BE PLACED BY AN ADULT 18 YEARS OR OLDER.  Students of Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting for Film range in age from 6 -27 years. In the summer, we have Pre-AC classes for 5-6 year old children who can't read yet. The adult registering for classes for the student is financially responsible for the classes.

How old do I have to be to begin classes at Cathryn Sullivan’s Acting For Film School?  
The general answer would be you must be at least 6 years old or a very strong reader in order to participate in the classes. We also have Pre-AC classes in the summer  for 5-6 year old children who can't read yet.

Where do I begin? 
All Acting for Camera (AC) classes are for children 9 years and younger.  If you are a beginner and are under the age of 10, you will begin in AC 1. If you are a beginner and over 10 years of age, you will begin in Film 1.

What happens if I miss class?
If you miss more than 1 class in a session, then you will be dropped from the class and must repeat the level before moving on to the next level.

Does Cathryn have a favorite talent agency? 
Cathryn has established good working relationships with local talent agencies as well as talent agencies all over the United States.  It is important that actors find an agent who is passionate about them and with whom they have a good working relationship.  Cathryn understands what works for one, might not work for another. 

When should I get an agent? 
Cathryn feels that most students should not begin the agent submission process before they have covered all the class levels for the fact that agents are looking for well-rounded actors.  For most students this would be the Masters level.  If an actor is lucky enough to get an audition with an agency, it is important that they be ready to handle situations that will be thrown at them at the audition as this opportunity might not present itself again if the actor fails to impress the agent due to lack of skill. This does not mean that once the student has completed the master series of classes that the student will be guaranteed representation.  Many factors go into agents selecting the talent they choose to represent. Please remember Cathryn cannot guarantee talent representation.

My child has been taking acting classes at other places, do we need to start at Film 1? 
Everyone starts at Film 1, no matter where they have studied acting in the past. Our program is based on a building block process and has a proven success rate, continually having students book major film and t.v. roles. If you are sure that your child should be an exception to this rule, email me personally at and let's discuss. For example, if they have taken with L.A. Film & T.V. coaches who I believe to be solid, there might be something we can work out. If, on the other hand, they have been doing the leads in the school plays, (although that will help them in understanding character breakdown, chemistry and discipline of the theater), they will not know what they need to know for Film class specifically and will need to start with film 1.

How much are privates and how do I schedule one?
Privates with Cathryn are $350 an hour.  Please note, privates with Cathryn are very limited due to her demanding class schedule.  Please be prepared with alternate times/dates and consider working with an aide instead of Cathryn.  Privates with an aide are $95 an hour.  If Cathryn is unable to do the private, she will suggest one of her aides who she feels is best suited for the student and the project they are auditioning for.  IMPORTANT**  To schedule a private with Cathryn or an aide, please email  Please provide as much information as possible, such as due date, sides, agency requesting audition, synopsis of the project, casting directors, and producers requesting the tape., etc.  This information is necessary for Cathryn to determine availability. Skyping with an aide is $95/hr. and $125 for Cody.

Who should I use for headshots? 
Please refer to your agent if you are represented.  If you are NOT represented, I would suggest a snap shot with your camera until you find representation as professional headshots are very expensive.

What Film classes does Cathryn teach? 
Film 1, Film 3,  AC 1 & AC 2 are taught by staff.  Everything else is taught by Cathryn.  Specialty classes  such as commercials, improv, and seminars are taught by professional industry guests.

Where does my child go after Masters? 
Once a student reaches the Masters level they will stay there.  Masters class is the culmination of all the levels and signifies that particpants have successfully completed Film 1-New Masters 2.  At this level, students will be doing scenes that challenge them on their entire skill set.

My child has had lots of theater experience so does he/she have to start with Film 1?
Cathryn likes to use this analogy: Baseball and football both have balls and this is where the similarity ends.   Theater backgrounds are great for film actors, but the skills required are very different.  It is important that if a student hasn’t had any film studies that they start with Film 1.

How soon should I expect a response to my registration?
There is no specific time limit for registration confirmation. The front desk works very diligently to get registrations confirmed and processed.  They want to be respectful of your schedules, but with hundreds of students registering each session, the proper time must be allowed for accurate class placement.  

Can I call the studio to get a complete list of everything I have signed my child up for? 
The front desk is very busy processing registration requests and taking care of administrative duties.  Our system is not set up so that we can see all of your requested classes in one screen – it requires time to research.  Please make a note of all classes you have requested.

What do I need for Film 1? 
Please bring a photograph (or headshot and resume if you have one) and a folder for your scripts.  Dress comfortably.

Can I have a one on one consultation with Cathryn? 
Due to the demanding class schedule, Cathryn makes time for those meetings one day, at the beginning of each session.  Registration for one on ones takes place during regular registration for classes.

How many students are in each class? 
Film classes average around 20 students per class, with Cathryn and 2 aides.  Acting for Camera 1 & 2classes average 16 students per class with the main instructor and 1 or 2 aides.

How often are your classes offered?
During the school year, our classes are typically offered in the Fall, Winter and Spring – once a week for 6 week sessions.  During the summer, we follow a camp format and classes are everyday for a week (a 6 week course level will be completed over a week). 

What does it mean when a class says Film 1/3, Film 2/4, Mixed Levels?  
What this means is there will be students in both levels in the class (example:  Film 2 and Film 4 students).  Each student will only complete ONE LEVEL not both.  Mixed Levels normally includes students in Film 5, 6, New Master 1 and New Master 2 and each student will only complete one level at a time.  

How important is reading the newsletter?
 VERY.  The newsletter from the studio is filled with necessary information regarding classes, schedules, registration, additional classes, seminar information and more.  Please read it.  

What is your cancellation policy?


  • All cancellations must be in writing to the following email address: 
  • TWO (2) WEEKS PRIOR TO CLASS START DATE, a refund will be given in the form payment was received (less a $50 cancellation fee).
  • ONE (1) WEEK PRIOR TO CLASS START DATE, a "class credit" will be given in student's file (less a $50 cancellation fee).
  • Canceling after the one week prior to class start date - NO REFUND or CREDIT. 

    • All cancellations must be in writing to the following email address:
    • TWO (2) WEEKS PRIOR TO SEMINAR/SPECIALTY CLASS/CAMP DATE, a refund will be given in the form payment was received (less a $50 cancellation fee).   
    What if I have to change my class?
     We are happy to move your child to another class if there is availability in the class you are wanting to move to provided such changes are made two (2) weeks prior to the start date of the class. Otherwise, the change request will be deemed a cancellation (see above).  A $25 FEE APPLIES TO ALL CHANGES.

    What is a reasonable time for me to hear back whether or not I am in a class? 
    We try very hard to get all confirmations out within a reasonable time.  However, reasonable time may be two or three weeks after registration.  When registration opens, we have to leave the classes open for a few weeks.  Then we print the registration lists and Cathryn goes thru each list.  We appreciate your patience and please know we try to accommodate all students.

    What if I do not hear back after I register for a class?
    Please be sure you have registered for a class that you meet the criteria for.  (Example:  Do not register for AC classes if you are 12 or do not register for Premiere Masters when you are in Film 3).  It is important to provide accurate information when registering such as email and phone number.  Please use ONE email to register as that is how the confirmation will be sent to you.  We try to email everyone who did NOT get into the class they registered for but during registration we are very busy and a few can slip by.  Please feel free to email us and ask if you were able to get in the class if you have not heard from us.   

    Why is there waiting time in class?
    Waiting is an essential part of learning.  Soaking in what they are seeing from their peers in the class is essential.  The redirection from the teacher is very important.  Many times in auditions there is waiting time sometimes over an hour to be seen.  Most of Cathryn's students are prepared and professional and understand the importance of patience and waiting to be seen.  This is all part of the learning process.  It will make much more sense the further along in classes you get.  

    Why is the Teacher and/or Aide so young?  
    ALL of Cathryn's Aide's are highly trained by Cathryn personally.  Cathryn is very selective about the aides she chooses.  Most of her aides are from her Premiere Masters and Kid Pro classes (which are by invitation only).  Most of these students have been on major motion picture sets, TV sets and have worked under the direction of Cathryn for many years.  They may look young but they have a lot of training and knowledge about the business.  

    What if I left my acting folder, phone, sweater, etc at the studio - Lost & Found?
    We do have a lost and found, however, it is very small.  We only keep lost items for ONE WEEK.  After one week we donate all items.   


    I heard a parent in the hallway talking about agents and auditions, should I be trying to get an agent for my child so they can audition?  
    It is very important that you not get caught up in the chatter in the hallway.  Many times well meaning parents will try to advise others on what they should be doing to further their child’s career, but this information is often wrong or unsolicited.  Cathryn’s advice is to ignore all hallway chatter!  She does not appreciate parents who spread rumors and offer unsolicited advice.  If a parent is found to be a persistent problem in the hallway, they may be asked not to return.

    1.  Please keep your all your confirmation emails with the dates, times and changes about classes.  It is difficult for the front desk to keep up with the schedule because of the volume of students.   
    2.  WAIT IN LOBBY until your class begins and the teacher, aide or Cathryn call you back to class.  For courtesy we ask that parents and students remain in the lobby.  
    3.  NO DRINKS AND/OR FOOD (besides water) past the lobby area of the studio.