Bookings!!! Bookings!!! Bookings!!!

Belle Shouse booked the starring role of “Queen America” with her manager, Matt Sheldon. 

Maria Moya booked lead in feature film, "Defense Against Tyranny".

Ashley Williams booked supporting role in an indie feature

Caleb Pierce booked "VEEP" With JULIA DREYFUSS and the next week, he booked a guest starring role on TV network series "MOM"! 

Ryan Graves booked a feature “90 Feet from Home”. 

Premiere student till-he-moved-to-Atlanta Robert Hayes is now a part of the cast of
“STEP UP: Highwater”.

Parker Weathersbee booked a 6 month national tour for "Les Mis".

McKaley Miller has been in "Salt Lake City and now Vancouver doing 2 different Guest Star spots on 2 different shows. She just got an offer for an indie movie that shoots in New York City for 5-6 weeks in Nov-Dec (which she so excited for- she’s a NY girl at heart). And MA (the movie she did with Octavia Spenser) is supposed to come out in January. This kid has been in the mix for SO many Big things this last year—- many just didn’t go her way in the end— but staying true to the craft and working her butt off will pay off.. just gotta stay the course. I love how you always tell them how hard this business is and you have to focus, want it and work HARD! Thank you for all you do!! Your kids are prepared!!!" says her momma Kris Miller.

Katie Sarife booked a lead in "Annabelle 3", a big studio film that Rich Delia went to bat for!!!

Reese Taylor is still on cloud nine!! Reese Taylor had a small role in the movie "The Lost Husband" staring Leslie Bibb and Josh Duhamel last week. The movie is based on the book The Lost Husband by Katherine Center. The feature film is scheduled to be released next year. Reese plays young Libby (Leslie Bibb’s Character) in some flashbacks. #lovewhatyoudo #happy #blessed #1stmovie

Spencer Mabrey booked several days in New Mexico on a SAG Netflix movie called "Rattlesnake".

Nyah Johnson, Eshaun Inamdar, and Noah Cotrell booked “The Chosen”a biblical series for streaming.

Annie Breitling booked a Cactex commercial. 



NOAH COTTRELL: Noah plays the son of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) in "SKYSCRAPER" . It will be coming to theatersJULY 13. Noah has had the time of his life. He was on set in Canada for 4 months, has been doing reshoots and ADR in L.A. this month! (Noah has been a student at the studio for about 4 years & still is, and is repped by Kim Dawson Agency. Dee Ann Vernon negotiated). this cool deal that everyone wanted!

See the cool trailer here:

DEBBY RYANhas a movie out in theater right now called "LIFE OF THE PARTY" with Melissa McCarthy.(Debby's manager is the cool Michael Hepburn. Debbie is right beside Melissa in this trailer).

LOGAN MILLER(former Master teacher/Master student of Cathryn's/ and Is repped by Jennifer Patredis at Innovative)has a really good part in "LOVE, SIMON". It has been in theaters all month and is still in some theaters for now:

BRYCE CASS & ANNIE WINTERS both have recurring roles on "13 REASONS WHY (2nd season)", which is trending right now and a very popular series on NETFLIX! They both have probably the coolest characters of the show this season! Annie has a pivotal role in this series. Bryce has an extremely cool character and is a Premiere student/Master Aide at the studio & has taken from me for about 12 years!
Here is a scene of Bryce's fiesty character (Cyrus) from one of the episodes of "13 Reasons Why" (Season 2): Bryce is in 12 out of the 13 episodes! (I personally have only gotten through till episode 9 and LOOOVE it!)
Bryce is repped by Coast and his manager is Trevor at Anonymous.Annie Winters is repped by
Here is the trailer to it for season 2:

Below is fan art drawn by someone in France for Bryce Cass's Character. Anne Winters won an Daytime Emmy for her show "Zac & Mia", but she is also in "13 Reasons Why". She is busy!

MALLORY MAHONEY (CS Premiere Student who is even coming back to class this summer during hiatus) is a Regular on the newest season of "BUNK'D" scheduled to come out on Disney onJune 18th!

Mallory Mahoney & I (Mallory is a regular in the upcoming "Bunk'd" Season 3 coming out on DISNEYJune 18th).
Mallory is repped by Jennifer Patredis at Innovative.
Mallory was found by Dee Ann Vernon at Kim Dawson agency & co-reps Mallory.

Both KENNEDY HERMANSEN & SHELBY SURDAM (both Premiere Students) can be found (as one of the 5 leads) on "SKAM" , A Facebook Watch Series they film in Austin.
You can find them at:

Kennedy is repped by Mitchell Gossett (as a manager) and CESD/ & Dawson & Shelby is repped by Kim Dawson Agency. Both girls are KD kids.

If you weren't made to "Fall in Line", then Pro Master StudentDEMI LOVATO's new song that came out this week (along with a cool video) is for YOU! I am so proud of her work. I think Demi's acting in all of her videos are far superior to almost every other singing artists in the music world.
Check out her new video with Cristina Aguiler "Fall In Line". The new music video just came out yesterday and it already has over 2 million 500,000 views!:

(I had Demi and her sister, Dallas for almost six years and they were both in the Pro Master Class, the only class that remained in my living room over many years. Her Momma recently did a Parent Seminar for the studio in March when her book came out. The book is called "Falling With Wings" by Dianna de la Garza and Dianna has written a lot aboutmein the book. #SoProudandHonored ).

One of our AC students has a recurring role on Season 3 of "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH". CAMILLA CARREON has been a recur on that show for 3 seasons. The new season just came out this week.

I have to brag a bit about Alex Alford/Zak Denley's film they made, especially since he started back in the day with Director Class here at the Studio. The directors, the stars, even the adults in this film are Cathryn Sullivan Students and they keep winning awards at various film festivals.
The latest win was at The Nashville Film Festival where they won the Young Filmmaker's Grand Jury Prize at Nashville Film Festivalwhich included $20,000. scholarship.
Zak Denly & Alex Alford (Premiere Student) are the co-directors of the film "Hitchiker's Guide to Suburbia". Trevor Douglas, Alexandria Bryant are leads in the film and Lauren Stephenson is also in the film.
All of the above students are with Kim Dawson.


PAULINA CHAVEZ   booked an episode for Scandal Made Me Famous! She played the young Kim Kardashian!  She also booked  a PSA for "Upbring Foster Care" in Austin, a Spanish VO for "University Hospital in San Antonio" , and a Spanish VO for Mattress Firm. Way to go Paulina!

LANDON BROOKS booked a commercial.

LAUREN STEPHENSON booked a movie which filmed in Oklahoma  for over a month. Everyone on that set is from L.A. and she beat out a bunch of talent from L.A. for that job! She said the Improv they did in Callbacks helped her land the position. 

PEARCE CHADWICK COLWELL & GAVIANA OBAID  booked a film for Church video.

EMILY HOLDER booked a short film called My Reality, where she got to be a lead role! It was with Dark Square Productions. So much fun!
BRYCE CASS booked Goosebumps 2 with Jack Black.

COOPER CARTER, JUDE MANLEY, AND MATTHEW & BRODY BUDMAN booked the film  "ONE HAND CLAPPING". It has been shooting in Austin. Way to go boys! 

KAMBRY MUSSER booked a SAG short film called Ballistic. She's one of the leads. (She had to scream and cry and it was so emotional I cried ... she Skyped with the director and producer at callback and they did some improv etc. - and they booked her a few days later. They are coming to Texas to film her scenes). Way to put your Film 2 skills to work!
       Kambry Musser on the set of "Ballistic" where she was the lead. 
MCKOY MUSSER booked & filmed a Days Inn industrial. 

TYLER COLLIER booked a TV episode on HIGHWAYMEN filmed in Baton Rouge. He plays a tough guy & gets to shoulder-bump Woody Harrelson! How cool!! It also stars Kevin Costner and our very own, Thomas Mann!!

CAMRYN JONES  booked an all-shows-produced pilot for ABC. Because of this, her agent & manager found her tickets to the NICK Kid's Choice Awards! Congrats Camryn on your pilot and all of the perks that come with that! 

ELLA JERRIER  just booked the lead in a TV movie on Lifetime. It all happened super fast. She went to Atlanta and went through L.A. casting director callbacks, producer callbacks and a four hour mix and match. During the course of four days they asked her to read for three different characters and were super complimentary about her ability to roll with the punches and do whatever they asked. From Ella's Momma, "Ella said her training with you really prepared her well. And, she had the opportunity to do Skype privates with Cody and that was a huge help in getting her ready.  It's all very exciting as it's what she really has wanted to do and is so thankful for the opportunity. She never expected it to happen on her first movie callback. Thanks for all you've done!"
 Ella Jerrier on the set of  a "Lifetime" movie. Cody Linley skyped with her all of the way to 
 the end. She is in my Middle School Master Class. She went originally for a small part  and ended up getting the lead after several callbacks! I couldn't be more proud! 

JONNY GALLEGOS  booked an ABC pilot called, False Profits. 

CHASE THEVENOT booked an episode for Scandal Made Me Famous. He plays a young Jeffrey Dahmer. Alex Gay coached and taped it. 

HAILEY SCONTRINO booked a Boy Scout commercial and a Sinclair Oil commercial. 

HANNAH NORUM & EDISON GRANT'S movie, won Best Dramatic Short Film out of 104 accepted films.

JAGGER & GIGI HAYNES have an online commercial out! 

BRIAN DEAN  booked a SAG Home Depot commercial. It's his first SAG gig!

LISANDRA ORTEGA & BRIAN DEAN  booked a voiceover for C-Spire Wireless. 

MAYA DELGADO  booked a Toyota commercial and a SAG National commercial for  Sinclair Oil.
Unstoppable Shoot

A commercial for Izzy Be Clothing.

Back about a year and a half ago, I asked these girls to get together and come up with a song to rock out to for Jennifer Patredis  (an L.A. Agent) when she came to do a workshop. Fast forward a year and a half, The girls put together "NotUrGirlfrenz" and look at them NOW!  They just got back from a five day, five city tour with "Bowling for Soup".  They have been invited to the 
WARPED TOUR in July. They are Gigi Haynes (left), Liv Hayens (middle) & Maren Alford (right). I'm so proud of them! They made their opportunities work for them. 
Not Ur Girlfrenz on tour in OKC!!!

SIENNA HERNANDEZ was invited by Gene Simmons (of KISS) to serve as an Executive Producer of The Vault - Gene's lifetime box set of 50 years of previously unreleased demo recordings. 

Gene & Sienna at Sienna's House this weekend!
Gene & Sienna at Gene's House in LA


13 students got local agents this month & two got L.A. agents!! Congrats to y'all!!!!


Dee Ann Vernon from Kim Dawson 
Agency is a big supporter of Texas Talent.
We have been working together to 
make stars for decades with
Kim Dawson Agency.

JAREN LEWISON (Current aide and premiere student) 

booked the role of teen Ed Helms in the upcoming summer theatrical release "TAG" starring Jeremy Renner & Jon Hamm.
The casting director was Rich Delia.


(Rich taught a workshop here in 2017 and plans to come back in April 2018). 
Jaren Lewison on the set of TAG

LISANDRA ORTEGA (Current Student/ Current Aide and Master teacher) 
booked a recurring role on an AMC show!! 
So proud of you Lisandra!!  She has already shot two episodes.  
BROOKS INDERGARD also booked an episode of this AMC show. 
Lisandra Ortega
NOAH COTTRELL (Current Student) 
booked the feature film "SKYSCRAPER" that  
filmed in Canada,where he plays the son of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 
This movie also features Neve Campbell. Noah worked on this film approx. 6 months.   

The Rock and Noah Cottrell
TRUE TRIVIA ON "HATERS":Recently, I had some Moms tell me that I had a "Hater" they had met who told them that she doubted that I ever hadSelena GomezorDemi Lovatoas a student. I didn't even know this person who was talking about me so authoritatively. It made me laugh.
I had Demi almost six years as a student, and I had Selena for 3 1/2 years. I had them both in privates and in classes.
They are very special to me & were
two of my very first group of stars that came out of the studio along with my own son, Cody Linley. My first stars
were Disney Stars, but that was only the beginning.
I told them to tell the hater to check out Selena Gomez's E-Hollywood Story where they would see me. I was one of the three people Selena asked to be on that show- since she felt like we were the three who attributed the most to her success. (Watching that E-Hollywood story made me assess my weight and was the beginning of my determination towards weight loss).
Demi Lovato's Mom wrote a book that will be out March 6th. She says I am in that book quite a bit, AND she is coming to the studio March 18th to give a Parent Workshop to
ages 14 and over.
Even acting coaches have haters.
Selena has haters.
Demi has haters.
Even Cody has haters.
I believe that:
Everyone who is Anyone has HATERS!
Bryce Booked a recurring role & filmed ALL episodes of the  
second season of the hit Netflix series "13 REASONS WHY"!!! We  
cannot wait to see what their characters are up to in the 2nd season  
of this award-winning show!
Bryce Cass
Anne Winters

also booked a recurring role in "13 Reasons Why", and WOW!  Anne has been busy! She HAS HER "MOM AND DAD" movie out in theaters right now. Anne is the lead character and her co-stars are Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair. In July, Season 2 of "Zac and Mia" on Go90 where she plays Mia. It is Owned by Verizon and the first season has had GREAT reviews. In September 2018, the Universal Pictures studio film "NIGHT SCHOOL" with Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish will be coming out in theaters.  

And True Fact: SELENA GOMEZ is one of the executive-producers on "13 Reasons Why" who is also a  Cathryn Sullivan Alumni. 

(Premiere Student & takes classes during her breaks from L.A. )
Mallory booked a series regular role on the new season of "BUNK'D"!!! It is scheduled to air May, 2018. Mallory lives in both L.A. & the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  

Jennifer Patredis, her agent (Innovative) found Mallory at a workshop at my studio!

Mallory taking Cody's improv class when she was little

Mallory's set room on "Bunk'd"

Mallory & Cathryn during Christmas vacation 2017

 -(A middle school master student who comes back 
from L.A. to take classes at the studio during breaks of filming)
Bryce had a lead role in the hit movie "WONDER" and also has a  
lead role in the upcoming Clint Eastwood movie based on a true story,  
He just wrapped Season 3 of "WALK THE PRANK" on Disney!  
What a great year for Bryce!!! BRAVO!!! 

Bryce Gheisar as Julian in Wonder (pictured on the right)

Bryce Ghiesar in 15:17 to Paris
Cathryn & Bryce on the set of "Walk the Prank" 
Sept 2017

booked the role of Nolan on "TEEN WOLF",  
as well as the role of "Josh" on the reboot of "ONE DAY AT A TIME".
Froy comes and goes at the studio and had some girls crying from
happiness here recently when he visited during buffups for the  
"This is Us" (Josh E) casting director workshop.  

Froy Gutierrez, Isabella Gomez, andRita Moreno,in One Day at a Time (2017)
Froy in Teen Wolf

(Middle School Master Student who comes back  
in the summer to take class) Matthew is a regular on the 
show "MAN WITH A PLAN" on CBS, 
which WON the 
People's Choice Award for best new Comedy in 2017!!!  
Second season is happening right now.  

Matthew McCann

MOHANA KRISHNAN'S (Current Master Student)
Mohona's Nick show, "I AM FRANKIE", got picked  
up for a 2nd season & she will be filming that shortly!!!  
Congrats Mohana!  
You can watch Season 1 here:

Mohana is the one on the far left.

(Former Master teacher/Aide/ & Master Student Living in L.A.)  
Thomas filmed a new movie "LAND OF STEADY HABITS" coming out 
 sometime this year with Edie Falco, Ben Mendelsohn  
and Connie Britton. He starts a movie called "THE HIGHWAYMEN"  
with Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson in February about the men  
that caught and killed Bonnie and Clyde. He has a movie he's starting  
in April with Alec Baldwin and Ellen Burstyn that is basically a 3 character movie. He also is a lead in a western he's shooting in Spring that has a small cast written by a two time academy award nominated screenwriter, John Styles. Has an excellent indie on Netflix called "SOME FREAKS", where he is the lead. Thomas is a heavy hitter in L.A. circles and I am so very proud of him!  We saw Thomas in "Kong:Skull Island" where he made it through without dying the whole movie!!!.. And we also saw Thomas on "Fargo" the week after He did a workshop for us Feb 12, Where he threw up on cue!  
(That scene is on my instagram!)  

(Former Master teacher/ Aide/ Master student Living in L.A.)
 Logan has a Fox movie called "LOVE, SIMON" coming out in
March. He has a movie with Blumhouse called "PREY".  
Also, he has a movie called "THE MAZE" coming out and an indie with 
Jim Gaffigan and Anna Gunn called "YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR FAMILY".
We saw him this last season on 8 episodes of "Walking Dead".
(Master teacher/Aide/ Premiere Student about to live in L.A.) 
Stephen has a movie coming out with Margot Robbie called "DREAMLAND". 

Stephen Dinh

ALEX YONKS (Former Master Student living in L.A)  
Alex is living the dream in LA! She gets to work on the set of TV's top  
ALEX has an office in Chuck Lorrie's Bldg on Warner Brothers lot. 

Alex Yonks

(Master teacher still in Summer/Former Aide/  
Former Master Student, Lives in L.A. )  
Caleb booked a 10 day guest starring role on "GREY'S ANATOMY"
scheduled to air March 15th.  
I got this text from Caleb about this project: "
Cathryn! Just had to tell you it could not be going better on Greys.  
I was told Ellen Pompeo who's directing the episode, after one of my  
scenes with the other guy leaned over to producers and told them  
"These boys are killing it. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's cast 

It is comments like that that make me so thankful for the training, dedication  
and drive you have for your students. Thanks for all the countless times you flew in top agents and casting directors so that when we were ready, we'd be prepared to SOAR in LA. I feel like I can hold my own on a set and it's one of the best feelings ever!  

Alex Yonks, Cathryn Sullivan, and Caleb Pierce

has 5 new episodes of  " Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, Dawn" on Nick!   
Be sure to tune in and check it out! 

Hayden Crawford (pictured on right)

JT NEAL (Former Aide/ Former Master teacher-lives in L.A. now)  
J. T. has 2 projects coming out this year. "SIERRA BURGESS IS A 
LOSER", which stars Shannon Purser from "Stranger Things", and 
RJ Cyler from "Power Rangers", and "LIFE IN A YEAR", with 
Jaden Smith and Cara Delevigne! 

J T Neal is on the far right, bottom pic

booked five days on a miniseries shooting  
in Austin called "The Long Road Home". It is airing now.  
Parker got this through his local agency, Dee Ann Vernon from  
Kim Dawson Agency.  

(Both former master students & Katie was an aide)  are both cast in this YouTube Red show called "YOUTH & CONSEQUENCES". 

recently rapped season 6 of the Emmy nominated  
Netflix show "PROJECT MC2" which filmed in Vancouver BC Canada.  
She dyed her hair red to portray Ember Evergreen and has a look alike doll that is sold at all major toy retailers like Target Toysrus Walmart, Amazon, etc.  Belle is back to blonde and currently resides in L.A.  (pictured below), but she use to drive up from Brennan, Texas for many years for class and became a master- until she booked her  
first T.V. show "Secrets and Lies".  

MADISON PETTIS (Was in the "Little Kid Pro" class back in the day)  
has a new series called "FIVE POINTS"  
that will stream on Facebook Watch.  
Kerry Washington from "Scandal" is Executive Producer. They haven't set the exact release date yet but it should be in February or March.
Kerry Washington &Madison Pettis

DEBBY RYAN was Disney's first female director to direct a live  
action series. They negotiated one episode and Disney was so  
impressed they gave her more. She was a legit producer on "Jessie"  
as well being the star on that Disney show. Not just in name.  
She has her own production company.  
We are small and don't move too quickly because she's growing her  
directing and acting careers. Debby is about to produce an indie  
feature this year.

All we can say is she booked a film that is a  
thriller with an Academy Award winning actress. She also has a   
script being made into a mini-series and her other film she worked on  
for a lot of 2017 is to come out later this year too.  
Can't say name or studio on that one either. More details on this soon.  
McKaley Miller
is currently a series regular on Season 2 of 'Guidance'  
available on Hulu, and stars in an episode of 'Reverie' coming to NBC  
in March (Ben's episode is set to air April 17).  
Ben can be seen in  
plus an AdCouncil PSA that's about to run for it's third year   

BEN also has millions of view on his YouTube channel, and over  
1/4 million subscribers!!! Go Ben! My favorite is this one. It has over  
13 million viewsand every actor in it was my students at the  
time except for one:
BELLA LOUGHBOROUGH is an Associate Producer on Dr Phil. 
She finds about 2-3 stories per month and helps produce them.

SHANNON ROUSSEAU is the weekend anchor/reporter/producer   
at KTTC in Minnesota, an NBC-affiliate. She was told time and  
again that she would NOT be able to find a job in Anchoring and
Reporting which she fell in love with after being an actor at the studio
for approx four years. She checked everywhere and ended up finding
one in Minnesota! Now- THAT is a girl willing to pay her dues to get
the career she wants. I'm so proud of her.
HAYLEY HUGHEY is doing something similiar in Arkansas at  
KNWA/Fox 24 where she anchors as well. 

SAHANA SRINIVASAN (Former Premiere Student)   
Sahana booked an untitled "Netflix: science show, as the Host/Star.  
The producer on this one is so COOOL!!...but they won't let me
post who it is! UGH! She got an apartment paid in  
New York for 3 months that came along with it! She
was going to UT in Austin when she booked this
project from a taped audition.  
               Sahana S 
CAMRYN JONES is Theresa on "THE MAYOR" on ABC.  
Camryn plays Theresa and practically dominated the whole  
promo that was playing onABC the whole week before!
PLUS she was on  "LAW & ORDER:Menandez Brothers" which aired
Oct 17th.Camryn is a master studentand has been taking classes  
from me as she drives from Houston every week.  
She also does privates with Cody Linley.
MARIA MOYA booked a Robert Rodriguez film that filmed in Austin that will come out possibly in 2018!
MEGAN MCGOWN booked a LIFETIME movie called  
"I WANT YOUR MOM". She plays Tory, the leads bff!

MARIA ZUNIGA booked a lead in a feature film that shoots in  

a student  I had in Nashville, TN many  
years ago- was on "The Voice"  this season. (Blake's pick!)   
Check out her insta where she  
fiddled/guitared with Keith urban last week.

Check out DEVIN WAY in this Abercrombie Commerical!!! 
Devin and I (Former Aide, Master student currently living in L.A) 

---->>>> Click here to watch Devin in action (warning Rated PG-14)
 Ambercrombie Ad <<<<----

a finalist in this month's LA Cinefest!  
Says his Momma " I am so proud of Alex and ALL  
of your students who were involved in this film -
JAGGER HAYNES". (The whole cast were my students!)  
The cool movie poster was done by an  
artist in UK - it's so cool!

booked her first feature film. She comes to the studio from Austin. 
KAMBRY MUSSER booked the young Kylie Jenner role for  
"Scandal Made Me Famous", and she just filmed a commercial/industrial this weekend for a new  
board game that came out.  
"THE GOLDBERGS" and has filmed 121 episodes. She
is currently filming her fifth season. She booked this show
3 weeks after going to L.A. and is an unbelievable singer
as well. Hayley was a Premiere Student.  

at the Premiere for  "UNDERNEATH" in Dallas Jan 2018
with super agent DEE ANN VERNON
from Kim Dawson Agency! 
Kiera, Dee Ann, and Mitchell
NOT UR GIRLFRENZ have been super busy in their first year as a  
band! They WON the "Battle of the Texas Legends", and have moved  
on to record and release 3 covers, and have originals coming early  
2018! They also have some AMAZING news that we can't share yet stay tuned! In the meantime...check out this adorable cartoon  
of my middle school master students and mini-aides,  
AKA: Not Ur Girlfrenz! 
(L to R) Maren Alford, Liv Haynes, Gigi Haynes
CAROLINE PERRYMAN (Former Aide/Master Student)  
Caroline  is a drama director at Aledo Middle School and has  
"Legally Blonde" coming out with her as the director!

Caroline Perryman

was featured by Junior Model Magazine, representing the USA  
(8 page feature), before being chosen as one of their Top 20  
junior models worldwide (Special print edition came out in January).

booked a point of concept for a series  
"WEB OF EVE". He Even had his own trailer!  

booked a lead role in an independent pilot,  
filming in January! 

booked a PHILLIPS 66  

ASHLEIGH OOMAN booked a HASBRO commercial.  

JENNI MABREY booked a Mary Kay commercial.   
THREE of my adults booked an air conditioning commercial:

REESE TAYLOR booked a national commerical!!!! Woo hoo!!!
Reese Taylor
got a local agent (Dee Ann Vernon) and  
booked a  VO commercial in the same week. 
HANNAH NORUM booked a commerical in Austin for  
"Parents Empowered". 

booked and shot a short for a pregnant  
woman for  Prestonwood Pregnancy Center. 

joins Industry Entertainment Partners As Manager  
Mitchell is at the same management company as Michael Hepburn  
***Follow daily bookings and watch Cathryn Sullivan  
students on TV & film by following her on Twitter &   
Twitter: Actingforfilm
Instagram: Cathysully2 

Bookings!!! Bookings!!! Bookings!!!

Cathryn and Bryce on the set of "Walk the Prank"
Matthew McCann and Cathryn on the set of "Man with a Plan"
Man with the Plan - Behind the Scenes
is Theresa on "THE MAYOR" Which debut was Tuesday,Oct 3rd. on ABC. Camryn plays Theresa andpractically dominated the whole promo that was playing on ABC the whole week before! PLUS she was on LAW & ORDER:Menandez brothers,which was on Oct 17th.Camryn is a master studentand has been taking classes from me as she drives from Houston every week. She also does privates with Cody Linley.

Camryn Jones

BRYCE CASSbooked 13 episodes of "13 Reasons Why". He was promised SEVEN episodes, but has been in all THIRTEEN EPISODES!! That is why he disappeared after June during summer classes. I put him on tape for that project, but they had been watching him since last season when he screen tested for three roles.Woo hoo!!!

STEPHEN DINHbooked a big budget film!!! So excited to share the details soon! He's already filmed a portion of it and will have more this month on that set. He plays the best friend to one of the main stars.

Devin Way, Cathryn Sullivan, and Stephen Dinh in LA!

KENNEDY HERMANSENbooked the film "One Nation Under God" (casting by Joey Paul Jensen).
Kennedy on the left
HAYLEY ORRANTIAis working on her FIFTH season as a regular on "The Goldbergs" on ABC. There she is with the dog! Sooo cute!

The Goldbergs Season 5
BELLE SHOUSEis in Project MC2 second season. She even has her own doll!

Belle Shouse

ESHAN INAMDARbooked a Dell commercial AND Dell Trailblazer Promo.

Eshan Inamdar - Dell Commercial
JASON KELLY's mom sent this to me: Jason did his recording at Cakemix Studios.. He's one of the Little People voices for a Fisher Price toy! He had so much fun and Bruce and Lisa at the studio were great.
Last newsletter, I announced that MADISON PETTIS booked the guest spot on "We Bare Bears" on Cartoon Network, but it was actuallySYDNEY BELLthat booked it! (Sorry, Sydney) They liked her so much, they asked Sydney back for another episode! Besides that, she booked a guest spot on SAG Podcast and she got her SAG card! Woo hoo! Way to Go, Sydney!
SPENCER MABREYbooked the film, "TheChickasaw Rancher", He played young EB.
Spencer on set.
SYRE COLLINSbooked a Great Wolf Lodge commercial.

FINLEY JOHNSONbooked a Pizza Hut VO radio commercial. It was her very first audition & she just moved to Master Class this session! Way to go, Finley!
ANNIKA SAWANTbooked a Tarrant County College Commercial as well asVALENTINA BOLCHI! Valentina also booked a HEB commercial!

MALLORY SNOWbooked an MOS spot on Sun Tan City.

PEARCE COLWELLbooked a role in a short film called "Almost and Away".

JOSHUA GAGEis doing his second season of Six recurring role of Ricky.

ESTELLE HERMANSENbooked a JCP Commercial.

PARKER WEATHERSBEEbooked a Toys R Us Industrial.

MASON HOOPERBooked an indie film "Sweet and Lo" Supporting Role.
OLIVER PLUNKERTbooked "Fetch M.D. Web Spots"

CAMILA CARREONbooked a "Great Wolf Lodge" Principal role.
LUKE OMALZAbooked a Hasbro Zombie StrikeCommercial.

ROBBIE ALLISONbooked a short film for Prestonwood baptist church pregnancy center.
EDISON GRANTbooked an episode for "Life Church".

ANGEL MCRAYbooked a Dell Trailblazer Promo!


Premiere Student And Aide, booked a HUGE recur in the huge NETFLIX hit '"13 Reasons Why'"! Yep! That's why you didn't see him after June classes. I put him on tape for "13 Reasons Why" and he booked the part two weeks later. He's been guaranteed at least seven episodes, but it looks like it could be more! He's spending a lot of time in San Fransisco in a fancy hotel working on this set! Anne Winters, pictured here on the right- is also a Cathryn Sullivan alumni. She is the New "It" girl in the show this year.

CODY LINLEYwas in the just released 'SHARKNADO 5"!!!! Be sure to check it out!!!


CAN'T SAY WHO or WHAT YET, but we had one of our Premiere students book a series regular on a DISNEY SHOW!!! Woo Hoo!


new NICKELODEON SHOW has the 1st episode available online to watch! Here is the link! Congrats Mohana! She's been gone filming dozens of episodes of this new show in Florida, but we were not able to announce it until recently!

Mohona's first episode on NICK show


BRYCE GHEISAR booked a CLINT EASTWOOD MOVIE "The 15:17 to Paris" !! It shot in Atlanta this summer. Below is the article in Variety!



Jonny & Taylor on Set

We can finally say that

TAYLOR TIPPINS & JONNY GALLEGOSbooked the FOX MARVEL pilot "The Gifted" that shot in Texas this past pilot season. Taylor booked it within weeks of moving back to Texas from LA! They were asked to be recurring characters on the series, but when they moved the network moved the show to Atlanta, their deals were dropped because SAG rules for hiring in Atlanta. We are super proud of these 2 awesome actors!

Most of the actors on this show were hired from L.A.


******** There is something HUGE going on for NOAH COTTRELL!!! We can't say what it is yet, but it is HUGE HUGE HUGE!!

Bad news is: He just got a job at Studio as a mini-aide when he booked this job.

Good news: He's getting paid way more where he's at and it will make him a star!

#SlamDunk #SoExcitedforNoah (Noah is pictured below)

booked 42 episodes on a PBS cartoon. Can't say who or what yet!

MARCUS JOHNSON booked and filmed a mini series based on a real story. He played a newspaper boy in 1875.




LAUREN STEPHENSON booked a web-series called BOOKCHAT. She is a host and it got picked up for a second season!

JAREN LEWISON booked a part in TAG. Films in Atlanta in August. The film was cast by Rich Delia, who came to the studio last year and is planning to come back this April 2018.

Premiere Student MORGAN CALHOUN's movie "Dirty Money" will be coming out in October. Here is the teaser: Morgan Calhoun's movie teaser "Dirty Money" . She's the beautiful African American girl in this trailer. Here's a picture of her as the "Bandit".

MITCHELL PAULSEN & KIERA STRAUSS booked a short called "Underneath".
(Mitchell pic below)


MADISON PETTIS booked a VO for a Guest Star spot on Cartoon Network's "We Bare Bears"!

KATIE SARIFE booked "Youth and Consequences". 8 episodes.

TELVIN GRIFFIN booked a SAG Indie.

CALEB PIERCE booked a BURGER KING commercialwhere he gets beaten up by an angry chicken! Can't wait to see that one! LOL!


KATE GONZALES booked a BMW commercial.

HANNAH NORUM and EDISON GRANT booked the lead in a short film, 'Forget Me Not'.

PAULET DEL CASTILLO booked a VO commercial in California!

DASH & JAKE MELROSE booked a "Daisy Sour Cream commercial". It aired on HGTV last night! Look for it all over!Woo hoo!

LIV HAYNES & TRES ALLISON booked a VO commercial!

JUDE MANLEY booked a principal role in Main Event.

JORDAN HILL booked an industrial for Hewlett-Packard.

JAMIE WHITE booked an industrial for Flowserve.

DODGE PRINCE & ALIYA AWAD booked a commercial for Hexbug and will be working together, also LIBBY LESTER in a different spot.

Aliya & Dodge on Set!

KYLER BECK did a commercial for The Container Store.

EMMA POST booked her first film! SAG MLB shooting in Houston-- it is called "Sanitatum". This is from her Mom "We wanted to say thank you-- we know that her recent class with you (film 2) was a huge part of the reason she was able to display such a wide range of emotions! In fact, she asked to rewatch her scenes from the week with you and rewatch the emotional recall scenes in preparation. She couldn't have done it if you hadn't taught her to scream and cry so well! "

HANNAH NORUM booked the lead in a short titled "Forget-Me-Not". It shot 8 days in Oklahoma City in July.

Last October I asked LIV HAYNES, GIGI HAYNES, & MAREN ALFORD to perform a song for our industry guests and they formed the band NOT UR GIRLFRENZ and knocked it out of the park that day, less than 1 year later they WON "The Battle of the Texas Legends" beating out bands that have been together longer than they have been alive! We are so proud of you kick butt girls!!! Below are pictures of this fun and fabulous day with most of the kids from Middle School Master classes attending and a few industry professionals as well! (Dee Ann Vernon from Kim Dawson was there at our table as well)

Gigi Haynes, Liv Haynes and Maren Alford make up the "Noturgirlfrenz" band!

Look at all of the Middle School Master kids who attended! It was the cool place to be!

Disney Stars Bryce Gheisar and Mallory Mahoney supported their friends that night. Mallory and I had a chance to hang and get goofy...which Bryce G thought was a bit weird (Note his look! LOL)

Dee Ann Vernon from Kim Dawson Agency, Terry Cass, Best Photographer and consultant to our studio and I were there supporting "NotUrGirlfrenz" all the way to the finals!

BARBARA BLANCHETTE fromTHE CAMPBELL AGENCY SIGNED the following kids from the last seminar, and is interviewing 5 more this time! AND has several more on her watchlist!!! Yay!!!!

Courtney Cheek
Parker Evans
Ava Grace Harbison
Leah Hudler
Mallory Bomhoff
Jacob Pasteur

DEE ANN VERNON is also interviewing several kids from both of the past 2 seminars! As well asMILTON PEREA & The LANDRUMS!!!Dee ann Vernon from Kim Dawson agency recently signed Raegen, Brinley and Korbin Marum, Syre Collins, Cooper Carter, Meredith Mallad,Laura Madrigal, Michael Hodges after the last few seminars, and has a few more interviews planned from the Milton Perea seminar!

Be on the lookout for the"HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO SUBURBIA" written and directed by ALEX ALFORD & ZAK DENLEY starring ALEXANDRIA BRYANT &

Alexandria Bryant & Trevor Douglas



Behind the Scenes with Alex Alford


KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP booked a SAG audio drama called "The Ache"! 

MADELINE BLACK booked "Scandal Made me Famous" -Mary Kay Latourneu episode. She was the young MK!

JACOB RADCLIFFE booked "Scandal Made Me Famous" AND 

"Murder Made Me Famous".

TAYLOR TIPPINS & VALERIA JAUREGUI booked a national Ford commercial. 

JADEN ROBERTS & MORGAN CALHOUN booked a National Shoe Carnival SAG commercial! Morgan is HOT right now! She's booked an indie film based on a true story from the 1960s and is from the Civil Rights era.  The Director of Photography was so impressed with her professionalism, he asked her to play the lead in HIS four part short film. She just got offered the part! Woo hoo! Morgan also booked an indie short film called "Dirty Money". It's the story of revenge and the effects of Drug Abuse. 

These cute girls sent me a selfie from the set- 

Morgan Calhoun (Left) and Jaden Roberts (right)

VALENTINA BOLTCHI  booked a SAG commerical for Shamrock Farms!

BLAZE FREEMAN booked an HEB commerical!

VALERIA JAUREGUI booked a Main Event commercial!

EDISON GRANT booked Cancer Treatment Centers of American commercial!

BRIAN DEAN & KIERA STRAUSS booked a national Cici's Pizza commercial!

AMBER ALVAREZ, JAGGER HAYNES & CHASE THEVENOT booked a Voiceover for Ohio Tuition Trust Authority!

NOAH COTTRELL booked  the "Visit Dallas" Campaign!

KAT ROWLAND & BRAYDEN BRUNER booked a short horror film! They want to make it into a feature next year!  

Mallory Bomhoff recently signed with The Campbell Agency 

Barbara met her at the studio & became interested in her from watching her improve in several seminars. 

These students got "signed" by the Kim Dawson Agency this past month:
Will Fredrick

Taylor Tokarz

Alec Lucas

Octavio Meza

Koda Burnett

Paige McGarvin  

The students who were in Shaun Cunningham's Sizzle Reel for 

"Sage Alexander" got nominated for "Best Ensemble Cast" at the Los Angeles Film Festival and they WON! They are all master students/Premiere students:  Gavin Caselegno, Lauren Stephenson, Natalia del Riego

(formerly known as Amber Alvarez), Dodge Prince and my husband, 

Brian Sullivan! Everyone was a master & Premiere student (Except for Hubby) & most of the cast was mine...and they won at that prestigious 

 Los Angelos Film Festival! Woo HOOOO! 

Grace Martin is with the Campbell Agency, not Linda McAlister. She was listed incorrectly in the previous newsletter.

Paulina Chavez is with Pastaroni Agency in Houston.

Summer Scontrino booked the role of Shana (Heidi's younger sister) in REELZ Scandal Made Me Famous Heidi Fleiss Story.

Summer Scontrino - Scandal Made Me Famous


Libby Lester booked a TXU commerical. Libby is with Barbara with The Campbell Agency.

Kyler Beck booked a project for the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Matt McCann show, "Man with a Plan" was picked up for a second season. 

(Matt Leblanc's son on the show.) Matthew is pictured below on the left. 

Congrats on Season 2!!! (Matthew booked this T.V. show with Melissa Berger from CESD's diligence, I am told by Mitchell. Matt was found by CESD at a workshop here at the studio). 

Cody Linley had a cameo on "Sharknado 5" last week!!!  (Cody booked this gig through his L.A. agent Jennifer Patredis at Innovative) 

Caleb Pierce is going back on "Insecure" on HBO!  Caleb booked this through their L.A. agency CESD (where Mitchell Gossett & Melissa Berger are!) 

Caleb Pierce (pictured on the left)

 JT Neal booked a major Sony Pictures/Overbrook Entertainment feature film drama as Jaden Smith's best friend. Here is a deadline article about the booking:   J.T. Booked this through his L.A. agent Jennifer Patredis at Innovative in L.A. 


JT Neal, Alex Yonks, and Belle Shouse 


JT Neal, Alex Yonks, and Belle Shouse pictured above doing the "CS-Sign" for Cathryn Sullivan's. JT is about to shoot a big studio movie, Alex is working as part of the crew on "Big Bang Theory"!!! 

Campbell Williams booked and filmed an ABC Pilot! We are super proud of you Campbell!!! She booked this through her L.A. agent Jennifer Patredis of Innovative. 

(Cambell Williams is on the studio lot here pictured with her agent Jennifer Patredis of Innovative in L.A. )




Taylor Tippins & Jonny Gallegos
 booked an "Untitled Marvel Pilot", directed by Bryan Singer (He directed almost all of the X-Men movies)!!!! So exciting and we are sooo happy for you Taylor & Jonny!!!! They got this pilot through their local agents! Congrats to Linda McAlister (Taylor) & Dee Ann Vernon at Kim Dawson Agency (Jonny)! 


Mohana Krishnan is the lead in a Nickelodeon Show -20 Episodes of "I am Frankie". Mohana also got her lead role from her local agency (Dee Ann Vernon at Kim Dawson Agency).

Mohana Krishnan (pictured above in the middle)


Lisandra Ortega booked the indie "Drift". Check out her cool "movie tattoos".  Lisandra booked this movie through her local agent Dee Ann Vernon  and Claire Coburn at Kim Dawson Agency.


Several of my Master and Premiere students booked this awesome Sizzle Reel for "Sage Alexander" with Director/Producer Shaun Cunningham. 

Gavin Caselegno, Dodge Prince, Lauren Stephenson, Amber Alvarez, and even Brian Sullivan had his first film debut!  I was able to help with casting on this project. It is now being considered right now for several awards at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.


Check it out here: 

Sage Alexander

Sage Alexander


Sienna Hernandez filmed 2 episodes of a Nickelodeon Unscripted Show. Sienna got this role through her agent in Dallas (Barbara Blanchette from the Campbell Agency). 

Sienna Hernandez

Tristan Tierce booked a role on a pilot that shot last week in NOLA!!! He signed an NDA (Non disclosure agreement), so don't ask him. We will find out soon enough. 

Parker Weathersbee booked five days on a miniseries shooting in Austin called "The Long Road Home".  Parker got this through his local agency, Dee Ann Vernon from Kim Dawson Agency. 

Parker Weathersbee

Alex Alford
booked a SAG feature film, "Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich" (a reboot of a cult horror film).  This came through his agent, Linda McAlister.


Master student Kat Rowland booked the lead in a SAG ultra low budget film "The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde", Mike Norris is the director. Kat was cast as "Jo Wilde" (Dee Ann Vernon-Kim Dawson Agency)

                                                             Kat Rowland


Mallory Snow

Mallory Snow
booked "Murder Made me Famous", the episode was the "Craig's List Killer" and it aired this week!  (Claire Coburn & Melissa McQueen- Kim Dawson Agency)

Nyah Johnson booked episode of "Deadline"!! Airing in the summer. Episode 4. Season 5. (Barbara Blanchette-Cambpell)



Kennedy Hermansen, Froy Guiterrez, and Brec Bassinger (pictured above) at Brec's Premier of "A Cowgirl's Story". Froy was a Cluttes boy, but he booked this out of his L.A. agent. Kennedy booked a role on "One Nation Under God" as 

Sarah Grace. It films in Baton Rouge and the casting director is Joey Paul Jensen. 

She booked it through Kim Dawson Agency/ Dee Ann Vernon.  

We are so excited for her! 

Calem Sharman booked a role in an indie film "Sick for Toys" as Young Edward! (Booked through Dee Ann Vernon at Kim Dawson Agency). 

Camryn Jones booked a film in New Orleans called "Created Equal". Camryn got this through her Houston agent, but has been skyping privates with Cody Linley!  

Camryn Jones in "Created Equal"


Shannon Rousseau joined the KTTC/NBC team as the weekend anchor, producer, and multimedia journalist after graduating from the University of North Texas with a B.A. in Radio TV Film and minors in Music and Communication. 

Haley Hughey is joined the KNWA/FOX24 team in August 2016.  

Paulet del Castillo booked a Commercial for Megafest. (Booked by Dee Ann Vernon-Campbell Agency).

Libby Lester booked a TXU Commercial with Barbara at The Campbell Agency.

Kyler Beck booked a project for the Texas Dept. of Agriculture. 

Alyssa Overbeck is producing a short film she wrote and will star in called "The Virgin Deal", here is a trailer:

Daegen Vail's music video he shot last summer came out this week. He shot it for Premiere Student and Third season Regular on "The Goldbergs"  

HAYLEY ORRANTIA . Here is this wonderful music video. Just click on this  to see this wonderful music video of both Daegan and Hayley! 


Claire Capek booked Shaun Cunningham's "Urban Vibes Part II" with special appearance by Dash Melrose.


Claire Capek also booked two Hasbro jobs back to back. A hand model job with Play-Doh and another job with DohVinci!

Claire & Noah

Noah Cottrell and Claire Capek booked a DohVinci commercial.

Two weeks ago Eshan Inamdar auditioned for Walmart commercial and was put on hold. Although he did not book, just proud that he was on hold. This week, he auditioned for Frito Lay and booked it! So exciting for him and his proud mom! He is doing a short film on Sunday no pay but wanted to gain experience and build his resume. Busy week! Eshan booked a short university film. He used a monologue from new master 1 to book it. (Dee Ann Vernon at Kim Dawson Agency)

Grace Martin booked a voiceover with "Stonyfield Yogurt".  Grace is with The Campbell Agency and booked it through them. 

Paulina Chavez booked a national SAG Coke commercial.  Paulina is with Pastaroni Agency in Houston.

Alexandria Bryant booked a SAG national commercial for Samsung in LA. Booked it through her modeling agency in L.A. 

Alex Gay, Seth Omalza, & Mitchell Paulsen, Eva Hennigan, Edison Grant booked an "American Bible Society" industrial. They booked it through Kim Dawson Agency/Dee Ann Vernon 

Hannah Norum booked a video for a major wireless carrier and a BJ's Brewhouse commercial. (Booked by Dee Ann Vernon/ Kim Dawson Agency)  

Cole Whitaker short film called "Alternative Math".  Booked through Kim Dawson Agency/Dee Ann Vernon   He booked a "Better Call Saul" as a younger Saul!! It will air this season (Season 3 Episode 310)! 

Sydney Bell booked a lead in a SAG student film.

Alexandria Bryant - Alexandria recently sent me this email "After class because of the encouragement and support from you and everyone else, I realized I needed to not be my own worst enemy. So I started just diving into things completely without second guessing or telling myself it wasn't worth it. So I've worked harder (in a healthy way) than I ever have, and so far it's going well. Even if it doesn't pan out I'm really proud of myself and I wanted to thank you" (Since this email was sent, Alexandria is busy working in Singapore, a dream of hers!!! YAY!) 

I-Station booked a bunch of Kim Dawson Agency Kids- Noah Cottrell, 

Eshan Inamdar, Camden Mallow, Parker Weathersbee, Kiera Strauss. 


Have you seen the trailer to BRYCE GHEISAR's upcoming movie, "A Dog's Purpose"? It has over 5 million views already! Can you guess who Bryce Gheisar's agent is??? Mitchell at CESD! Mitchell and Michael Hepburn, Bryce's manager, worked together to insure that Bryce remained the top runner for the huge Dreamworks film...and WHERE did BRYCE get his L.A. agent? a WORKSHOP at my studio...and before that, Bryce got Dee Ann Vernon from the Kim Dawson Agency to pick him up a few years ago from a workshop at our studio as well!!!! Then, CESD picked him up at a MITCHELL GOSSETT/MELISSA BERGER workshop at the studio.Bryce has a DISNEY XD show called "Walk the Prank" and just finished a film called "Wonder"with Julia Roberts and Jacob Trembley!

Bryce's Upcoming Movie Trailer:
Bryce's Upcoming Movie Trailer: "A Dog's Purpose"

And while we are on the topic of talent with CESD...I hope you tuned in last night to CBS to see another one of my shared success stories with Mitchell Gossett -MATTHEW MCCANN on "Man with a Plan"! It comes on Mondays (beginning last night) at 7:30on CBS! Here is a cool interview with Matthew where he mentions our studio!!!


ALSO, CESD's talent, ESTELLE HERMANSEN, just finished up 4 episodes of the award winning series "American Horror Story"! You may see Estelle here in class in the Middle School Master class, but she has been bopping back and forth as a recurring role on that show.

Cool start!! Just yesterday, DODGE PRINCE booked a recurring role on a CW show!!!! His agent, Mitchell Gossett texted me immediately to tell me! Woo hoo!!!

KIMI ACOSTA(with CESD) booked a sag dramatic film "Perfect Vengeance", a lead role in "FIGHT" movie, "The Night Before" SAG feature asPenny, and "A Chance to Say Goodbye" asSamantha! Kimi is super-busy!!! WTG Kimi!

KIERA STRUASSbooked a movie in Ohio called "The Reliant" with Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth and Eric Roberts.

ARIANA VAILbooked a guest star role on the new NBC show "This is Us". She's playing the role of Emma, a goth 13-yr-old with attitude.

ADAM KRONENBERGERbooked a guest starring role on a CBS TV series and shot the episode today. I'm not allowed to say anything about the show yet, but I took a selfie on set (below). Had my own trailer and everything, it was fun!!

KAMBRY MUSSORbooked a Cook's Children's PSA, and a Political VO for Prime Media Partners.

CLAIRE CAPEK & NOAH COTTRELLbooked Hasbro a Doh Vinci commercial.



Cool start!! Just yesterday, DODGE PRINCEbooked a recurring role on a CW show!!!! His agent, Mitchell Gossett texted me immediately to tell me! Woo hook!

Jacob Tremblay and Julia Roberts from the movie "Wonder"


Bryce Gheisar had just completed 22 episodes of "Walk the Prank" when he came back for a Master's Intensive class, then left to start filming the role of "Julian" in the Lionsgatedrama "Wonder," starring Jacob Tremblay,Julia Robertsand Owen Wilson! This was a highly sought after role! He is currently filming in Canada!
Congratulations Bryce!!




Bryce Gheisar

Be sure to catch Bryce in Season 2 of "Walk the Prank" on Disney XD wherehe can be see pranking like a champ!

Bryce on set of "Walk the Prank"


Bryce's trailer for "A Dog's Purpose" just came out with Dennis Quaid. Check it out:



Matthew McCann (below) booked an amazing role on CBS's "Man with a Plan"! He will be playing Matt Leblanc's son, Teddy. Be sure to watch him this fall. We will miss you in class Matthew, but are super proud of you!!!

Matthew McCann


Matt LeBlanc & Matt McCann


Click image above to see a preview of "Man with a Plan"




Middle School Master student, Hayden Crawford, booked a recurring role (at least 5 episodes so far) on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn on Nickelodeon.

Hayden Crawford

They even gave his character his own house on the show. Congrats Hayden!

BREC BASSINGER booked a lead in the film "Status Update" as
Maxi Moore!

Brec Bassinger











KATIE SARIFE 's Lifetime movie"Sorority Nightmare" aired a few weeks ago.

Katie Sarife

booked the "THE WHY" Christian Film.

MASON DYE is shooting a film in Connecticut!

One of my MIDDLE SCHOOL MASTER GIRLS booked a recurring role on a very popular FX TV show! They keep adding more episodes for her! Can't wait to share the details!

HAILEY SCONTRINO booked an episode of "Queen of the South" on USA Network.

BRYCE CASS booked a 10 day guest starring role on night shift on NBC!


Bryce Cass as "Robbie Travers"in "Night Shift"


JONNY GALLEGOS booked an episode of "The Leftovers" on HBO!

TAYLOR TIPPINS booked a role on the Steven Avery episode of "Murder Made Me Famous" as Teresa Halbach

Taylor Tippins as "Teresa Halbach" in "Murder Made Me Famous"


REED WILLIAMS booked the film "Wicked Love"









Reed Williams

CAMPBELL WILLIAMS has booked a series regular role on NOW network playing Greg Ellis' (former Dallas Cowboy) daughter on The Greg Ellis Show.

Campbell Williams on "The Greg Ellis Show"


KIMI ACOSTA Booked Bruthas 321 movie and just booked a lead in a short this week.

LANDON BROOKS, HARPER GRUZINS, LIV HAYNES and GIGI HAYNES booked the short film "The Inbetween".

AMIN (MINO) HAFSI booked the short film "Revenge in Kind"

KARINA HALPIN booked the role of Margarita in the short film "The Hand that Feeds You".

TREVOR ALLISON booked 2 National commercials in two weeks! One for Nationwide Insurance and one for Subway.

ALEXANDRIA BRYANT booked a SAG Dr Pepper commercial.

NOAH COTTRELL was a principal performer for a Brighthouse Commercial, Papa John's, and the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

ABIGAIL DENSON booked a pharmaceutical commercial.

BRIAN DEAN just got his first booking for a voiceover radio spot for Explore Horizons Tutoring Centers! We are so happy for him!

MAYA DELGADO booked a commercial in Greenville, Texas. Did you see the Hexbug commercial that Maya & Emma Lou Cunningham did?

PARKER WEATHERSBEE and PAULET DELCASTILLO shot a marriage commerical on daystar channel.PARKER also shot a leap frog commercial & industrial for Real Pages.

KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP booked Marriage Today commercial.

Look at what some of my former master students are doing:

ALEX YONKS started working at her dream job at "Big Bang Theory"!

SHANNON ROUSSEAU is now working as a news anchor for WFAA! Congrats Shannon!

Shannon Rousseau


BELLA LOUGHBOROUGH is a producer on the Dr. Phil Show!

Hopefully, you saw CODY LINLEY's (Pro Master Student and Master teacher at the studio) SHARKNADO 4 movie. It was such goofy fun! I loved it!He played Matt Shephard, Ian Ziering's son!




AND we hope you didn't miss Premiere Student MALLORY MAHONEY's "Adventures of Babysitting" on Disney Channel either!Bryce Gheisar, another Master student& Disney star (from "Walk the Prank" on XD) was there for Mallory's red carpet Premiere (see below on red carpet)!




And LOGAN MILLER is going to be on the newest season of"WALKING DEAD":

Click Image Above to Watch the Trailer



Emily Holder signed with Campbell Agency. AJ Hayes , Ashleigh Ooman , Cammie Quinones, and Webber Sherman all signed with Kim Dawson Agency!The agents saw them at the seminars and that is when they decided to give them an interview! Also, three of my adults in the adult class got interviews this month with two different agents because of the work the agents saw them do during the Angela Demo Seminar and are got SIGNED! Congrats!! We are always moving the bar higher!

What we have created and accomplished at Cathryn Sullivan's Acting For Film Studio is beyond any of my dreams. I am so happy! Thank you, God for all that you have helped make happen!


One of our biggest and most exciting bookings (that I had to keep a secret until recently) is MATT McCANN's booking of the T.V. pilot "I'm not your friend" where he plays Matt LeBlanc's son!!

Above Matt McCann is in Middle School Master class with his pals (He is in the green on the far right of the pic on the left). Matt's T.V. Dad on his newest pilot is Matt LeBlanc (pictured above on the right). MATT McCann also booked a lead in a new animated NICK pilot called "Ooman and Moof". His character is "RYX"! We will know soon if Matt & Matt's pilot is picked up to go to series within the next few weeks! Cross your fingers!

BRYCE GHEISAR (pictured below, left) is taking overDisney XD's"WALK THE PRANK"! Everyone of the shows is all about Bryce! Here is a pic from a recent episode! He will be back this summer during hiatus continuing to learn. Just because you have a show doesn't mean you need to stop learning! SMART students KNOW that!

ESTELLE HERMANSEN (Pic. Above, Right) booked the part of "Diane" on the award winning TV show "TRANSPARENT"!

LOOK at DASHAWN LEWIS! He was a hot for the Dallas Independent Film Festival for WFAA. Check it outKids' Guide to the Red Carpet

DASH MELROSE has been busy. He booked a commercial that shot in Mexico and then, he "talked smack" on aWWE commercial along with Cooper Mallow, Franscisco Medrona & Kamden Beauchamp!

One of my San Antonio students, PAULINA CHEVEZ booked a part on a show. I share her with John McAteer, but she has been skyping with CODY LINLEY who skyped her for this project. #Teamwork

MIKA ABDULLA'S Netflix series "PROJECT MC 2" got picked up for a second season. She is filming along with another Cathryn Sullivan Master student (& we have to keep it a secret who that is!) in British Columbia right now! Her character is made into dolls and you can get "her" at Target!

KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP Booked a TXU commercial.

NATALIE LEDING booked a docudrama"Hannelia's Story" and also, a project for the NRA.

MARY WHEAT booked a Whole Foods Commercial.

There ARE a few more bookings, but more and more-We can never say anything at all about almost ANYONE who books things in L.A... All the projects these days are afraid something will be given some of the things we will only tell you once it is about to air.

ROOTS will be on Memorial Day.(Kiera Strauss is in THAT one!)

BREC BASINGER & BRYCE GHEISAR just went to the Radio Disney Music Awards just last night!

(Brec pictured below on left. Bryce is in all 3 pics from the RDMA last night!) Both were Master students at the studio when they booked their shows. Bryce will be back in class this June to do classes while he is on hiatus from his show!

Don't forget to watchMallory Mahoneyon"Adventures of Babysitting"premieres onJune 24on theDisney channel!

(Mallory is pictured above)


Hi Actors, Actresses and those who love them! 

What an AMAZING 2015 our studio in Lewisville, Texas has had!!!! 

Here is a recap of some of the biggest highlights!! 

 The first group are students who booked from the studio when they were IN classes right now!

The last group is our Actors who have moved to L.A. and are soaring out there!


We are so excited for Master student BRYCE GHEISAR!!!

(see pics below)

We have launched our next Disney Star! 

Bryce Gheisar had such an unbelievable year beginning this summer with a starring role for a SAG feature  which was filmed in Austin, Texas. It's called 

 "Into the Who Knows". Then, he filmed a pilot for Disney called "WALK THE PRANK" which got picked up to series, so now he is moving to LA this week to begin filming the 13-18 episodes where he is one of four leads! It is scheduled to premiere on April Fools' Day on DISNEY XD! After filming the pilot, Bryce THEN booked a lead in a huge project called "A Dog's Purpose" WITH STEPHEN SPIELBERG'S STUDIO (DREAMWORKS!)  THAT is what a call one FABULOUSLY Successfully Blessed Year! #TalentSkillTeamOpportunity 


DODGE PRINCE was slated to film 13 WEEKS ON a REMAKE of  

 "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" in Louisiana!...but they liked him so much, they asked  him to stay for another week!  This is a huge studio film with so many  A-list stars including:  Christ Pratt, Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, and more!  He even shot an improv scene with Chris Pratt & Denzel Washington. What a great memory! BTW- Chris Pratt is "Emmet from the Lego movie, The Star/Lord of "Guardians of the Galaxy"  & the star of "Jurassic World".  Also, the very prestigious & two-time academy award-winner Denzel Washington is in this movie as well. We can not WAIT to see this movie with another one of our Middle School Master students! 


KIERA STRAUSS booked a lead role in the upcoming mini-series "Roots" -  An adaptation of Alex Haley's "Roots", chronicling the history of an African slave sold to America and his descendants.  She got to work with Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Mario Van Peebles and Levar Burton (the original Kunta Kinte)! She was originally asked to do four weeks, but they added scenes & more lines for her, so she got to film for five weeks! Woo hoo!! 

Here is a link to the IMDb for Roots: Roots IMDb



TRES ALLISON booked  12 episodes of "Smarter Than a 5th Grader" in 2015! Here he is stealing the show from Jimmy Fallon!


OLIVIA WELCH also had a fabulous 2015! Olivia (pictured below) booked the starring role in Nick Pilot "The Dunes Club"!

She also booked roles on the Emmy Award Winning series "Modern Family" and another big show that we still can't talk about, but is absolutely so cool! Olivia is a premiere student who has definantly paid her dues and is now reaping the rewards. 



(pictured below) booked a Disney Movie called "Adventures in Babysitting". 


MATTHEW MCCANN (pictured below) booked a lead role in the Pilot: 

"The Diva, The Doc, & the Jock"! It is super cute & he got to work with some dynamite actors! Check out the video here:

MATTHEW also booked a prestigious recurring voiceover role in American Dad!..which is a huge deal because he's gotten down to the last 3 people & usually, a 35 year old woman who has 8 pages of credits get the part!  

LISANDRA ORTEGA (pictured below) booked a guest star role on American Crime on ABC!

CONNER STADDON booked a guest star role on "From Dusk Till Dawn"! Here he is pictured below with his intestines hanging out! Yuck! But, we are so proud of Conner!  



SAWYER BELL (below left) and 


both booked parts in "Vampire Diaries"! Different Episodes filmed months apart! Way to go boys!



AMBER ALVAREZ booked several episodes of American Crime! 


TANNER FONTANA booked the movie "Camp Cool Kids" with CD Joey Paul Jensen who came here and did a workshop for the studio in August this past year. He also booked a movie "Cut To The Chase" & has a recurring role on "The Originals".

FROY GUTIERREZ booked a recurring role on "Bella and the Bulldogs" playing the love interest of Bella (AKA: Brec Bassinger former master student) and then, booked a role on "The Goldbergs". How cool is it that he booked two shows where I have master & premiere as the regulars on that show!  (Former master student Brec is on "Bella and the Bulldogs & former Premiere Master student 

 Hayley Orrantia is a regular on "The Goldbergs")



THOMAS MANN 's movie "Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl" has gotten national acclaims including winning the two most prestigious awards at Sundance this past year, and  whom VARIETY MAGAZINE wrote that "Thomas Mann is one of 10 who should be "in Play" for the Oscar"! WOW! Just WOW!!  

CODY LINLEY, who had booked the starring role in the film "Hoovey", was nominated for "Best actor in a feature film" at the Burbank Film Festival in September 2015 & the movie won "Best feature film"!!! It is one of several film festivals where "Hoovey" has won first place in the feature film category. Cody was also offered a reality show  this past month from a major network  in which he said no to so that he can continue working on being a serious actor. Cody is pictured below with his Movie family which included Patrick Warburton, Alyson Stoner and Lauren Holly. 

2015 was a great year for KATIE SARIFE! She booked the move "Dark Pledge", a pilot called " The Curse of the Fuentes Women", and the Made-for-TV movie "Cleveland Abduction" (pictured below). Katie came back to teach at the studio for Holiday Camp and is here this week! 

booked a recurring role on ABC's "The Real O'Neals" airing March 2nd! YAY!!!!! We can not wait to see it! (Caleb is ALSO back at the studio this week teaching and aiding and doing the karaoke/lunch this week! We love Caleb! 


MACK WHITE & ROBERT HAYES booked the movie "Carter High"! I was so happy to see my premiere master students in such an important film based on a true story. They use to do scenes together in class all of the time. How cool that they were able to be a movie together! 


BREC BASSINGER's awesome Nick show came out in 2015 and just finished filming the second season: "Bella and the Bulldogs"! 


JT NEAL booked an episode of "BEST FRIENDS WHENEVER" on Disney Channel! This is in addition to roles on "Haunted Hathawys" and "Lab Rats"! He was also in Alex Yonks' film with Belle Shouse.





booked a lead on ABC's "SECRETS AND LIES"! It was unbelievable & amazing! She played the sweet, innocent little girl in tears so well & then, it was revealed that she was really a sociopath. I was sooo proud of her! Let me just say those Film 6 Sociopath scenes came in handy for THIS character! WOO HOOO!  


HAYLEY ORRANTIA is on her 3rd season as a regular on  ABC's "The Goldbergs" as Erica Goldberg! It's such a funny show & she is hilarious in it!  

MASON DYE  (pictured below, left) has joined the cast of "FINDING CARTER" on MTV Tuesdays at 9pm. 

Mason is a former master student/aid at my studio who moved to L.A. and went from "Teen Wolf" to "Finding Carter".


Anne Winters (Pictured above) is on her third season of "TYRANT" & was a regular on another pilot called "Wicked City".

LOGAN MILLER had a nationwide release of his movie "Scouts and Zombies"!



REED WILLIAMS booked a recurring role on TNT's "The Last Ship"!

What a wonderful year we've had for our people at the studio! I'm so proud. 

Who knows what 2016 will hold!?! 

Cathryn Sullivan


OLIVIA WELCH booked "MODERN FAMILY" & it aired THIS Past WEDNESDAY!Did you see it?! True Story- Olivia Welch (Premiere student & Aid at our studio right now) was filming the starring role on her Nickelodean pilot. She was being hie to a young boy that was watching on set..and the boy happened to be a producer on 'MODERN FAMILY'. They began chatting and when he said he worked at 'Modern Family', she said "Don't joke about Modern Family. I love that show so much. I watch every episode and study it at least 4 times each episode". He was so impressed with her, he had a character written in for her and even named it "Olive" after her real name. Soooo- be nice to everyone and if you study and train hard, your opportunity will come. She flew out to L.A., even did ANOTHER T.V. show while she was out there and then- bopped back to our studio and helped coach students the next week! Congrats, Olive---ia! 

FROY GUITTERAZ is becoming a regular recur on 
"BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS" playing one of Star of that show 
(& Former Master student before she moved to L.A. to shoot this show) BREC BASSINGER's love interests.     

CALEB PIERCE booked a recurring role on an ABC  show called 
"THE REAL O'NEALS"! He's already done 3 episodes. He's enjoying being on that set so much! 

MATTHEW MCCANN booked a guest starring role on the animated series"AMERICAN DAD"!

ABC 's "AMERICAN CRIME" episode 207 & they liked her so much, they asked her back for episode 209!! 
Congrats AMBER!!! 

JT NEAL booked an episode of "BEST FRIENDS WHENEVER" on Disney Channel. He emailed this to Cathryn: 
Hey Mrs. Cathy! I just need to take a minute and thank you for everything you've done! I can't believe more students didn't sign up for the seminar. I just finished up my second show that Howard Meltzer casts (I say finished but I guess they were unofficially considering making it a recur!) and honestly I don't think I'd have had either of those opportunities had I not taken your seminar. Every time I go in we talk about how awesome you are (he said you give the best birthday presents haha) and having a connection like Howard Meltzer is invaluable in LA. And it's all thanks to you!!

LISANDRA ORTEGA booked a commercial for Parkland Hospital.

MYA GUILLORY booked a political ad that airs in Colorado.

SIDNEY RICHMOND San Antonio Tourism - principal
JUDAH SOLOMON Think Energy commercial - principal

CALUM SHARMAN - Hasbro Soaker H2O commercial - principal

SYLVIA BUCKNER - Promise Land Milk commercial - principal
JADEN ROBERTS - still working on more episodes of "Owlegories", an ongoing VO job for her. One of the seasons are out on DVD right now. 
Go get it! 
KALEB KING - Also doing ongoing "Owlegories" VO character. 


BOOKINGS:Everything below are parts that are either leads, supporting, starring or principal roles.

Olivia Welch- Booked a role on an Emmy award winning network TV Show and ANOTHER role for that we cannot disclose at this time. Right now she's on hold for another project!!!!

Caleb Pierce- Booked a recurring role on ABC show calledThe Real O'Neals, a new TV show coming out this Fall.

Amber Alvarez- Booked a role on ABC's American Crime.

Gavin Casalegno- Booked a role on CW's Vampire Diaries.

Froy Gutierrez- Next week he isshooting his 3rd episode on Bella and the Bulldogs as Bella's love interest. (Master Student,Brec Bassinger is the star of that series).
Cole McKeel- Booked an indie horror film called "Soulless" AND a GMC commercial. He went away from the studio for a while to do Football. He came back and has been working hard and is killing it right now. He was just accepted into the Premiere Class. Way to go, Cole!
Camila Acquarone- Booked a Chuck E Cheese commercial.
Kamden Beauchamp, Sidney Richmond, Simone Richmond, Kadar Price & Arjhun Inamdar- Booked a Pizza Hut Industrial. We are well-represented on that set!
Kiera Strauss- Booked her first short film.
Parker Weathersbee- Booked a role on American Dynasty Series.
JT Neal- Booked ANOTHER role for a show Howard Meltzer casts. This is JT's second show booked by Howard Meltzer. This is what JT wrote me -"Hey Mrs. Cathy! I just need to take a minute and thank you for everything you've done!I just finished up my second show that Howard casts (I say finished but I guess they were unofficially considering making it a recur!) and honestly, I don't think I'd have had either of those opportunities had I not taken that Howard Meltzer seminar. Every time I go in, he & I talk about how awesome you are (he said you give the best birthday presents haha) and having a connection like Howard Meltzer is invaluable in LA and it's all thanks to you!!!"
JT Neal.
Stephen Dinh, Lisandra Ortega, Ella Jerrier, Claire Capek, Parker Conti, Kennedy Bicksler, Sidney Richmond, Alfredo Morales, Bella Perez, Calum Sharman & Blake Gheisar- Booked an American Heart Association commercial. ALL of these are principalsparts! Woo HOO!
Luke Omalza- Booked Hasbro Duel Strike commercial.
Johan Sandini- Booked McDonald's SAG commercial.
Raven Pinkston & Trey Bumpass- Booked a DFW Airport industrial.
Lisandra Ortega- Booked a Parkland Hospital commercial.

DevinWay- Went to LA this past week and signed with Innovative Agency. She saw him last year and said heneeded some more time to get better. She followed his progress, so when he came in this time, BAM! He got it!
Jackson Young & Eva Hennigan- Booked Hasbro Nerf Rebelle commercial.
Sydney Bell- Booked a film with Alexandra Doke who was in the movie with Cody Linley called Playroom.
Kamden Beauchamp-Booked Hasbro Scrabble Twist commercial.
Kaleb King- Continues to work on the "Owlegories"cartoon Voice Over (Recur).
Jaden Roberts- Continues to work on the "Owlegories" cartoon Voice Over (Recur).
Layla Roberts & Parker Smith- Booked Children's Hospital SAG National.
McKoy Musser- Booked a Hewlett Packard/Apple Industrial.
Noah Cottrell- Booked a Chuck E Cheese commercial.
Connor Staddon- Booked a 5 Mile App commercial.
Noah Cottrell- Booked a Leap Frog commercial.
McKoy Musser, Hayden Crawford, Calum Sharman, Kennedy Hermansen, Austin Elkins & Kadar Price- Booked a Hasbro Nerf commercial. LOOK at all of those Cathryn Sullivan students (Calum not shown).

Brody Budman- Booked a Toys R Us commercial.
Claire Capek- Booked a Hasbro Doh Vinci commercial.

"I know how amazing you are and how hard you work. Now let them see you shine!!!" -Cathryn Sulllivan

Did you guys see Demi Lovato's new "CONFIDENT" music video?! It's one of the best music videos Ihaveever seen. #AnotherProMasterStudentKickingButtAllOverTheWorld
Check it out:

Also, Selena Gomez's new song "Same ole' Love" is like one of my favorite song in like 10 years! #MasterStudentSharingTheMessage #BeStrong

THOMAS MANN is "Also be in Play" for Variety's list for OSCAR nominations this year for ME, EARL & THE DYING GIRL... Just like I predicted. Other names on this list are: Thomas Hanks, Will Smith, Leornardo DiCaprio, Michael Caine, Steve Carell, Johnny Depp and THOMAS MANN! WOO HOOOO! Master Student & Master Teacher atCathryn Sullivan's Acting for Film! You BET I'm proud!

AND LOGAN MILLER has a nationwide release of his movie "Scouts and Zombies" on October 30th! I'd put the trailer here, but it is for mature audiences only! Logan is one of the main STARS! If you are an older, mature student- go support Logan!
(Logan Miller,Master Teacher & Master Student at my studio, Pictured Down below)

Also, ANNE WINTERS(pictured above) is a regular on TWOnetwork shows this season for both "Tyrant" & "Wicked City". Both are for mature audiences only! For more information on Wicked City, check outANNE WINTERS, A REGULAR ON WICKED CITY

Also, Coming out in limited release on the weekend of October 30 is MACK WHITE (pictured below, left)& ROBERT HAYES (pictured below, right) "CARTER HIGH".
Please support my former Premiere Students! I love these two boys!



DODGE PRINCE (right) has been working on "MAGNIFICENT SEVEN"  as a supporting lead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for TWELVE  WEEKS with stars like Ethan Hawke, Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and more! 

I just got a text from Dodge's mother last night:  "Dodge is having such a great time! He shot a scene yesterday with Chris Pratt & Denzel Washington. What a great memory! He and Chris talk all the time! He learned so much from your classes that has helped him out here! Thank you for all that you pour into all of these kids! We feel really blessed that you are his acting teacher!" (Awww...Tears!) BTW- Chris Pratt is "Emmet from the Lego movie, The Star/Lord of "Guardians of the Galaxy"  & the star of "Jurassic World". Also, the very prestigious & two-time academy award-winner Denzel Washington is in this movie as well. Dodge is repped by CESD in L.A. and Campbell in Dallas. (Mitchell picked up Dodge after seeing him a few times here at a workshop. When Dodge was ready, Mitchell took him). 

BRYCE GHEISAR (left) booked a lead in a huge DREAMWORKS project called 
"A Dog's Purpose". 

Both boys came on the same night for MASTER CLASS at my studio!!
(The lucky night is TUESDAY!)  EXCITING, HUH?!


 And guess who Bryce's agent is...CESD in L.A. as well! Mitchell at CESD and  
Michael Hepburn, Bryce's manager worked together to insure that Bryce remained the top runner for this huge Dreamworks film....and WHERE did BRYCE get his L.A. agent and manager? a WORKSHOP at my studio...and before that, Bryce got Dee Ann Vernon from the Kim Dawson Agency to pick him up a few years ago from a workshop at our studio as well!!!! Then, CESD picked him up at a MITCHELL GOSSETT/MELISSA BERGER workshop at the studio. This past spring, Michael Hepburn (who did the MANAGER WEEKEND WORKSHOP at my studio) saw Bryce and picked him up that very weekend. 
In the meantime, Bryce has been continuing to work on his skills and training and is still working on his skills! Bryce & Dodge both started out as AC students and moved into Film classes fairly young. They both were signed up for classes this summer and both had to cancel master intensives, audition technique classes & Middle School master class as well as seminars this summer because they were "FILMING!" Now -THAT IS A GOOD REASON TO MISS CLASS!  Bryce's mom was cool, though...She got someone else to bring her other son, BLAKE to class while Bryce is filming. Who knows?! Maybe Blake will be next! #BreakALegBryceBlakeAndNicole

       Dodge Prince (above) with Chris Pratt on the set of "Magnificent Seven"! 

To check out our hall of fame, it keeps getting longer & longer! Check it out at:

 came to do a seminar! Besides us learning so much for her and her wanting to put several of my students up on a link for upcoming film projects, 
LAST week she asked for several of my boys that she had seen at the workshop --to go on tape for an animation film she is casting right now. She's seeing the girls' tapings THIS week! FIVE of the boys are already in the running!!! Also, Joey wanted several students on tape for her to promote with producers for various projects coming up in the next year. She said usually she only chooses 2-3 per workshop, but she figured she'd find more talent at mine... More Like 6-8 students. This year, she chose 40!...which has never happened  before! 
Below is Joey's email:
"Hi Cathy, Several of your kids are up for my animation web series. WE had a bunch of boys and now girls are auditioning. Both Barbara and Dee Ann have kids coming in. Now the girls are auditioning over the next couple days. Five of your boys all did very well! I will probably know more in a  week or so. Keep up the good work!" 

- Joey Paul Jensen


Bryce Gheisar, Amber Horn, and the cast of Epic Offenders

Besides BRYCE GHEISAR BOOKING THE DREAMWORKS MOVIE I spoke of in the introduction portion of this newsletter, Bryce also booked a Disney XD Pilot "Epic Offenders" (originally called "Public Offenders. Picture above includes the cast & casting director). Bryce  screen-tested for the pilot "Bunk'd before that...Howard Meltzer is the casting director on THAT TV show! 

HAYDEN CRAWFORD also screen-tested for TWO Disney XD pilots- 
"Epic Offenders" and "Boys in Blue". Hayden also signed with Michael Hepburn during the MANAGER SEMINAR WEEKEND! ... AND so did RAVEN PINKSTON! 
JACOB AUDIRSCH, KALEB KING, BERKLEY MCFARLIN, and TEA MCKAYbooked supporting roles in "Hurricane Bianca". 

CONNER STADDON booked a part in "From Dusk Til Dawn" & a Five Miles App. commercial too!

GIGI HAYNES booked the role of Chloe in "Chloe's Hope".

PHILIP CLEMENT & BEN PIERCE booked a Slash Indie.

PAULET DEL CASTILLO booked a HEB Carne Sazo commercial.

JACOB AUDIRSCH booked an Enspire Industrial.

BRANT PITTMAN booked an AAFES Industrial.

COOPER MALLOW booked an Academy Sports and Outdoors Back to School commercial.

KIERRA STRAUSS a Marriage Today industrial.

GAGE DAVIDSON booked a Nerf / Hasbro commercial.

 booked the movie "Camp Cool Kids" with CD Joey Paul Jensen. He also booked a movie "Cut To The Chase," and a small role in the movie "Sunny In The Dark" that hit the short film festival circuit recently.
FROY GUTIERREZ booked a guest star on BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS as the rival football team/ romantic interest....Since Brec Bassinger is the star of that show and a former master student of mine until she booked this show and had to move to L.A., she sent me a picture of she & Froy while they were on set and guess what?! FROY'S GUEST STAR TURNED INTO A RECURRING ROLE. He was with the rival team that turned into a LOVE INTEREST! UH-oh! OMG! #HowCool

MARISA DAVILA booked an untitled horror film. Films In Joshua Tree which a desert. Plays the little sister runaway to her older sister and something tragic happens. Films end of August.


BROOKE & DILLON FONTANA both booked the Texas Tourism commercial together. 

BROOKE FONTANA also booked a TXU commercial that is currently airing, and a commercial with American Home Shield.

KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP booked a principal part in what they said could be a "Worldwide" Hasbro commercial!

MYA GUILLORY booked a MoneyGram commercial. 
EMMA LOU CUNNINGHAM  booked a SAG national commercial.

LIV HAYNES signed with Michael Hepburn thanks to the MANAGER SEMINAR.
HARPER GRUZINS signed with Mandy Teefey when Mandy saw Harper at the MANAGER SEMINAR. 

MAYA DELGADO signed with CESD!

ADREAM CUSTERS signed with Campbell Agency after Barbara from Campbell saw him at a workshop at the studio!
MAREN ALFORD and SYDNEY FRASER signed with Kim Dawson, as well as STELLA ROSSICS
 when Dee Ann Vernon, director of film & TV for Kids/Teens & Young Adults saw them at a workshop at my studio. Below is a picture of Stella  & her parents 'celebrating' with a sundae! 

Stella celebrating with Ice Cream!

Be sure to watch our 1st place winning Film from the Film Festival, 
Natalie White's "Danny" that was chosen from the Director class. Great work done by all including Best Actor, Bryce Cass and Best Actress, Kennedy Hermansen! #CongratsNatalie 
Also, below this one is the second place winner won by LIV HAYNES with her "Princess Support Group". 
Below that is our Third Place winner, JESSICA LUCE's "Another Zombie Film".  
The students were all given a week to write, cast & direct their own movies and were given time to work on each scene on location during class. 

Disney Princess Support Group!
Disney Princess Support Group!

"Another Zombie Film" by Jessica Luce'

Middle School master student DODGE PRINCE booked a great role in a studio film! It's a remake of 

"THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN" and is starring Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, and Christ Pratt! AGAIN, L.A. chose a student that goes to our classes at the studio right now in little ole' Lewisville, Texas to be a lead alongside them for NINE WEEKS! Congrats Dodge, Lisa & family plus Campbell agency. 

Dodge also booked an industrial video called "K5i" for Voyager Learning. This video project is online and may continue through 2016. AND he booked a VO for Japanese textbook company New Horizons.  



MORE EXCITING NEWS, but we can't tell you all the details yet!  We had 3 master students who just screen tested for a DISNEY PILOT this week and 1 of them of booked it!!!! YAY!!! We can't say who or what it is at this time, but more details to come soon!!!


Middle School Master Student BRYCE GHEISAR just wrapped filming a month on set for "Into the Who Knows" where he played the lead role. 

Bryce Gheisar - "Into the Who Knows"

Be sure to check out TRES ALLISON on the Jimmy Fallon show with Jeff Foxworthy, Pitbull, playing "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"

 High School Master Student and Aide, booked the lead in "Journey of a Thousand Miles" video with Picto Films, and Hex Bug Commercial airing on Disney/Nick starting in August.
KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP booked an Eyemart Express Commerical. 


TAYLOR TIPPINS, Premiere Student and Front Desk Employee, booked ANOTHER commercial! This one is for Rold Gold Pretzels and is airing now! She also booked a cosmetics industrial! Yay Taylor! She booked THREE commercials where she is the lead in THREE weeks! 


Taylor Tippins - Cosmetics Industrial














I know the BOOKINGS for the last few months just went out a few weeks ago, but I learned that I can finally announce that  OLIVIA WELCH (below) booked the STARRING role in the NICKELODEAN pilot  "The Dunes Club" for the part of SUNNY.  I am so proud that MY girl who is an AID at the studio right now, who is from our Premiere Class booked that role over thousands of girls in L.A. and all over the  world...AND she  nabbed the STARRING role. I can't tell you how proud I am of that! Check out her IMDB page here:


 Olivia Welch Imdb with her first imdb credit "The Dunes Club"





BRANDON SARVER booked a lead in the American Home Shield Commercial.




SOFIA LASLEY & GABRIELLE LETTERMAN booked a  Hasbro "Doh Vinci" Commercial which will air Aug/Sept.




Hopefully, you guys are watching "Are you Smarter than A Fifth Grader" with TRES ALLISON, who also was on 


the JIMMY FALLON show last Wednesday! Look for Tres around the studio when he's not on set! 


Tres is a student I share with John McAteer in San Antonio. Tres Lives in San Antonio. 




Great News for ANNIE WINTERS! (Seen down below on the right) Her new TV pilot got picked up for 15 episodes. They changed the name of it to "Wicked City" on ABC. Now, Annie is a series regular and recur  on TWO prime shows as she continues to be on


"TYRANT" as the daughter of the Star! 




MASON DYE has joined the cast of "FINDING CARTER" on MTV Tuesdays at 9pm. (See Mason down below on the Left)


 For more information about this former master student/aid at my studio who moved to L.A. and went from "Teen Wolf" to "Finding Carter", Read this: Teen wolf's MASON DYE is moving to "FINDING CARTER"










AUDREY GERTHOFFER is going to be in a web series as the starring role. It's a western about two bounty hunters and a teenage runaway called Samantha ....and AUDREY plays Samantha! 




TAYLOR TIPPINS, our front desk girl (& premiere student) is on a roll. She booked two commercials in three weeks!-Kaplan University and Skinny Girl Cosmetics! WAY TO GO, TAYLOR!!! 

I just got back into the country and I had trouble being able to catch up on the shows with my students in them. I Was so excited and hugely freaked out when I saw Belle Shouse's work on ABC "SECRETS AND LIES" this week for the finale'! It was unbelievable & amazing! She played the manipulating little girl in tears so well. I was sooo proud of her! This show came on this week! I hope you didn't miss it! Let me just say those Film 6 Sociopath scenes came in handy for THIS character! WOO HOOO!  
Juliet Lewis suspects Belle of being a psychopath (Above, left)
(Above, right) Belle Shouse is pictured with Cathryn Sullivan at the premiere of Cody Linley's Movie "Hoovey". 
Also, Katie Sarife's "Cleveland Abduction" was on this week! She played it so well that I was ready to go beat up her abuser!  She cried, She was petrified, She was was hard to watch and I'm an acting coach KNOWING it's a movie! WOW! Such great work!  #proud



Above, Katie Sarife (in the green blanket and short black hair) is rescued. The movie is based on a true story about a man who kidnaps and keeps three women in his basement chained up for years. Right, Katie came back to help with Holiday Camp this past December right after shooting this moving film! 

I can't put up everyone that has shows for us to watch right now, but below are a 


few things that are ALSO happening this week. 

Brec Bassinger (master student) has a new "Bella and the Bulldogs" that just came out where she is the star! It's like the coolest show on Nickelodeon!

Hayley Orrantia (in the middle/premiere student) has an episode of "The Goldberg's" that is on this week where she is the central theme of the show!!! 


Cody Linley (far right, pictured with Alyson Stoner who plays his sister-Pro master student and master teacher) has his "HOOVEY" DVD coming out this week!I It is a wonderfully marvelous family film about hope & how the love of family & supportive friends can make a difference in a hard time. It's inspirational and full of hope! I LOOOOVED it with all of my heart! Here is the link to buy it from Walmart:
WOW! HUGE week for all of my babies! #SoProud 

Also, Thomas Mann's feature film "Me, Earl and the Dying Girl" will be coming out  in less than a month--June 12th. It was awarded "Best jury prize/Dramatic film" and "Best Audience award" at Sundance. Thomas is the star of this movie. He plays "ME"! .....and there is Oscar buzz surrounding this movie. I saw it and was deeply effected by it! Thomas' work was breathtaking honest!





They finally announced the lineup for the new "ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER?"  starting May 26th with our cutie-pie TRES ALLSON!!! 
(Tres is the one on the left with the green plaid shirt on!)
Team:Dee Ann Vernon-Kim Dawson agency, John McAteer, San An teacher & MY STUDIO! 
MATTHEW MCCANN booked a network TV pilot, "Untitled Judah Miller Pilot" starring 
Megan Hilti from "SMASH", Greg Grunberg and Mary Lynn Rajskub ("Cloe" from "24").
Click on this link for more info on this very cool pilot: Info on Matt's pilot!
Mitchell Gossett texted "Congrats. CESD, KDA, and Acting For Film has done it again"! 
 Matt also booked a Six Flags voiceover, and a Pedia-Lax Voiceover too!





Matthew with his "Parents" Megan Hilty, Marissa Jaret Winokur,  
Greg Grunberg, Mary Lynn Rajskub




BRYCE GHEISAR booked the starring role in the SAG Feature Film "Into the Who Knows". He also booked the short film "The Bus Stop". Bryce also booked a commercial for Great Wolf Lodge.  He also booked an industrial for Galderma.

CAMPBELL WILLIAMS is in this film: "A Man Called Jon" playing Ernie Hudson's daughter:

GEORGIA ROSE BELL booked the lead role of Maddy in the short film "Two Roads"

MCKOY MUSSER - booked a SAG Feature Film "The Conway Curve". She plays young Natalie. McKoy also booked  an Education  Insights Video with her sister, 


CONNER STADDON booked a small role on FROM DUSK TIL DAWN.  This is his first SAG TV show! I am so HAPPY for him!!!!!!!!!! 

DAGAN VAIL - played the 5 year old version of the lead character (Pritchard) in the Fox pilot, Frankenstein.  

TANNER FONTANA booked "The Originals" recur. Already done 2 episodes. Tanner also booked a small role in a film. He is filming in Shreveport, LA.

REED WILLIAMS booked his 3rd episode of TNT'"The Last Ship". (Season 2 airing this summer). So excited for his first big recurring role!!






JUDE MANLEY & KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP - booked a Chuck E Cheese commercial with Cody Linley coaching Jude by SKYPE with a  very hard script. for this Jude also booked a Voice-over for Pizza Inn! 

BROOKE FONTANA & PRESLEY HITSMAN - booked TXU SAG regional.Brooke also booked another commercial last week. 

BLAKE GHEISAR - booked a commercial for AAFES.

LYLA MEECE and CHARLIE DALY - booked A Methodist Hospital commercial. 


KATIE CLARDY - booked Six Feet Under" and it's a PSA about second hand smoke.


STEPHANIE MORGAN - booked voiceover for Backyard Sports Mobile Game App.


BREC BASSINGER was still living HERE in Texas, coming to the studio as a Master student when she booked this pilot. She came back, still working as a master student when she got the call that the pilot was picked up & they needed to come to L.A. to film a whole bunch of TV episodes!..which she did... NOW, NICKELODEON is launching this really adorable show on JANUARY 17th! BREC is the STARRRRRR!!! You do NOT have to be in L.A. to book starring roles in TV...You just have to be trained correctly, give it your all (like Brec did) & have the right team around you!   

Brec Bassinger - Bella and the Bulldogs - Nickelodeon 

BELLE SHOUSE is another example of someone who went above & beyond to be trained & ready so that she could get her dreams. She & Her Mom made trips from Brennan, Texas (about 233 miles- for several years) while Belle came to class at this studio. After being a master student for some time, she went to L.A. & within three weeks, booked this pilot which landed as a show! The TV show is called "Secrets & Lies" which will premiere MARCH 1st on ABC! She plays Ryan Phillipe's daughter. Juliette Lewis also stars! 

Bell Shouse - Secrets & Lies - ABC

MALLORY MAHONEY booked the lead in the pilot Tough Cookie for ABC Family.  She is the tough cookie!! They WANTED a twelve-year old and she's just NINE! She also just finished shooting a film in Colorado. She was still in class at the studio, though....She just MADE up the time she missed! We worked it out...cuz that's what we do to make sure our students are sharp! 
SOOO Proud of this girl!!! #LoveThisCutie 

JAREN LEWISON, High school master student (who's been my student for several years) has a very intereting movie coming out on Hallmark called 
"Away & Back". It will be on  January 25th at 7pm & you can even see it on the back cover of the JAN. 19th of PEOPLE MAGAZINE (with HIS name on it! Woo hoo). Jaren filmed it in Canada this past summer.  

Jaren Lewison - Away & Back - Hallmark Movie 

KATIE SARIFE had a superb, outstanding guest starring role on CW's "SUPERNATURAL" that made her a Supernatural Icon! She just finished filming another movie that will be on Lifetime right before she bopped by the studio at Christmas. Her movie is called "Cleveland Abduction" about the three girls that were abducted and kept by a man in Ohio for years. SHE plays the youngest girl who was kidnapped! COMING OUT THIS SPRING! 
Katie Sarife - Supernatural - The CW 

THOMAS MANN actually TAPED this project with me last year on Christmas Day -and eventually booked this Film as the "ME" in "Me, Earl & The Dying Girl". He is a former master student & former aid at the studio. This film will be showing at Sundance THIS month- as well as another one of his films that will be at Sundance --"The Stanford Prison Experiment" where he worked with another master student/former aid LOGAN MILLER as well as JOHNNY SIMMONS, who also went to my studio for a short time! Logan also had another film going to Sundance. That is BIG!! I am so proud of my boys! 

Thomas Mann - (Me, Earl & The Dying Girl)
My two former Premiere students, MACK WHITE & ROBERT HAYES' trailer is up for "CARTER HIGH". They look so tough! I love it! Click here to see the trailer for: 



KATIE SARIFE - booked the Lifetime movie "Cleveland Abduction" and the lead role in NBC pilot "The Curse of the Fuentes Women"


Eric Dane & Reed Williams from TNT's "The Last Ship"

Katie Sarife & Rachel Ticotin
"The Curse of the Fuentes Women"


MASON DYE - booked "Natural Selection" and "Left Behind: Vanished". 

MALLORY MAHONEY -  booked "Further Adventures in Babysitting" in Canada - Disney TV movie.

Tough Cookie- Mallory Mahoney


Tough Cookie- Mallory Mahoney & Cast


Heaven Sent - Mallory


 - booked the film AmeriGeddon Mike Norris was directing? she plays the best friend of the main girl who is played by India Eisley(Secret life of the American teenager, Underworld)

 - who I've co-coached w/ John McAteer in San Antonio booked "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader". 

 - booked a guest star on TNT's The Last Ship!! (stars on the show include Eric Dane..McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy, Adam Irigoyen from Shake it up.)

 - booked a co-star role on ABC "Switched at Birth". 

 - booked the short film "Paper Airplanes"

 -  booked a Nerf commercial

 - booked a commercial for Children's Specialized Hospital in New Jersey....she has a Principal role as a sibling/friend.  

 - booked DMAA Abuse Prevention PSA and iBP mPower project. 

 - booked a promo for Booker T Washington Performing Arts School, and VO for an animated project concerning animal adoption.

 - booked an SAG/AFTRA VO Cricket Wireless Commercial. Also, Gigi's commercial with Bryce Gheisar, Matt McCann & others just came out today. It is soooo cute!! BRYCE,GIGI & MATT REALLY FUN COMMERCIAL

 - booked another Main Event VO.

 - booked a VO for a Pro-life project.

booked a New Horizon textbook project VO. 

 - booked guest star role in the series finale of "Parenthood" on NBC, guest star in her 10th episode of Disney XD's "Lab Rats". Madison is now a recurring guest character on ABC Family's "The Fosters" & filmed 3 episodes.  They will air on Feb 9, March 2 & March 9. 


ALEX ALFORD was cast in the short film "Spiders" 

CHRISTINA BURDETTE, SOPHIA ALI, JESSI MECHLER, KALEB KING, and ASJHA COOPER booked "That's What I Am Talking About" Richard Linklater movie.
CHRISTINA BURDETTE (LEAD) - "Never Goin' Back" (Independent Film)

CLARA BLANKENSHIP booked "Bug" (Independent Film)(lead she played Bug and was the only child in the movie)

SAWYER BELL booked the role of Jacob and GEORGIA ROSE BELL booked the role of Susie in the Indie Feature Film "Inhumane". They also both booked a commercial for Mersada.
AUDREY GERTHOFFER booked the lead in "Calamity" (Independent Film)

SAWYER BELL just booked a cool role on a popular TV show!

JADEN ROBERTS and KALEB KING booked Owlegories Christian Animated Episodic

PAULET DE CASTILLO - Fed Ex Pack and Ship Non Union Video, guest star role in Party Girl Web Series, and a regular series role of Gaby on the Pilot TV show Take The Stage directed by Dan Gordon. Paulet also booked a supporting role (Karen) on the feature film Girly Girls directed by Zulema Nall.

CALLIE HAVERDA booked a movie, "The Adventures of Pepper and Paula"

KENNEDY HERMANSAN, BRYCE GHEISAR, MATT MCCANN all principal COLE MCKEEL is an extra in AT&T commercial.

BRYCE GHEISAR booked a principal role in a SAG TXU regional commercial, and Perennials Fabrics Commercial with GIGI HAYNES and MATT MCCANN
MADDY HAYNES and MATT MCCANN booked iProspect Non Union Industrial

MATT MCCANN also booked: Children's Health Commercial, Backyard Sports VO, Main Event VO

MCKOY MUSSER booked a voiceover for an animation curriculum video! 

LANDRY ASTON booked the principal for Nike Non Union Commercial

JAKE MERRICK (principal) booked Hasbro N- Strike Crossbolt And Cyclone Non Union Commercial 
KIMI ACOSTA booked SAG TXU commercial & another job with CASA.

DEVIN WAY booked a SAG Convenient commercial. 

LAUREN STEPHENSON booked Auto Cross Numbers commercial.

DAVID MILES (principal) Barbara Bush Foundation For Family Literacy Video

JESSI MECHLER booked principal in a Blue Bell Non Union Commercial

NORA ORDINARIO and LANDRY ASTON booked principals in Hasbro Doh Vinci Commercial

BRITTNEY MERRICK booked principal in an Imperial Sugar Cooking Show (5 days)
MYLES MCGEE (principal) Hasbro Nerf Zombie Strike Non Union Commercial 
KADAR PRICE AND LEXIE CREEVY booked Istation Non Union Web Video

NATE and TANNER GAGE booked a Disney Infinity commercial. NATE booked a guest sport on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn 

TREY BUMPBASS has a big movie coming out today (NOV 17) called "BOOK OF LIFE" where he plays the young boy & various VO parts.
MALLOR MAHONEY booked a feature film where she plays the lead. It films in Colorado and she plays an angel! She has at least 100 pages of dialogue & she gets to fly. Special effects coordinator is the same one from Iron-Man. 
EMMA RAPPOLD booked national American Girl and Birdseye Veggie VOs
McKOY MUSSER booked a radio voiceover political spot.
DAGAN VAIL booked a Six Flags commercial for Bugs Bunny Boomtown and industrial for  the Gaylord Texan.
TAYLOR TIPPINS  booked an independent feature film called "Cronus" :) & newsletter last month said she booked a PSA but instead, it was a GameStop video! 
KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP booked an Eyemart Express Commercial and a Norwex commercial
GRANT GRIFFITH booked VO commercial for JC Penney/Arizona jeans--it's running now.
GEORGIA BELL  has been cast in PROMISES! She'll be playing the 7 year old version of the main character. It's a speaking role with three scenes. She booked it off a taped audition. (Go Georgia!). It's a SAG feature film.
SUNNY MALOUF, BRYCE GHEISAR & GISELLE COTTRELL all booked principal roles in the Chuck E Cheese commercial filmed in Austin 
McKOY MUSSER booked a radio voiceover political spot.
TAYLOR TIPPINS  booked an independent feature film called "Cronus" :) & newsletter last month said she booked a PSA but instead, it was a GameStop video! 
KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP booked an Eyemart Express Commercial and a Norwex commercial
GRANT GRIFFITH booked VO commercial for JC Penney/Arizona jeans--it's running now.
AUSTIN ELKINS booked a flashback scene in Criminal Activities. 
KERA STRAUSS booked a vitamix commercial.
NORA ORDANARIO booked a commercial and shot it all day yesterday.

LISANDRA ORTEGA (Premiere student, aide & front desk girl) booked a guest starring role on AMERICAN CRIME filmed in Austin. She was actually scheduled to work that week at the studio, but we made accommodations for her to leave the same day she got the part cuz that's how we role/roll! LOL  

TAYLOR TIPPINS booked a PSA commercial.

AUSTIN ELKINS booked his very first voice-over.

DEVYN SMITH (Former aid/premiere student) booked a recur on a network show. She left for New York city this morning!!! BREAK A LEG in New York, Devyn! #ILoveDevynSmith

KATIE SARIFE booked a guest starring role on "Supernatural". YAY, KATIE!

BRANT PITTMAN booked a role of Buckie on an indie called "Windsor". 

MATT MCCANN booked an Eyemart commercial, a voiceover for rent a center and is currently filming a commercial for Children's medical center. He also was in the Superkid Academy short film that filmed in May. 

You will see the rest of our summer's bookings soon! 

In the meantime, please WATCH for some upcoming TV shows & Movies that my students will be in this FALL: 

J T NEAL will begin his recurring role. It will be on at 6:30pm and again at 9:30pm. 

MCKALEY MILLER is on right now as a regular on "PARTNERS" with Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammar. McKaley plays Kelsey's sassy step-daughter on FX. She still does an occasional recur on 

ANNE WINTERS is a regular on  FX's "TYRANT". It was shooting in Israel for it's second season until it kept hearing bombs go off. It's moved now. Watch it! It's great!!!!  I'm watching it right now on my TIVO- 1st season is GREAT! 

HAYLEY ORRANTIA is shooting her second season where she's a regular on "THE GOLDBERGS", the daughter in that crazy family. It has moved to Wednesday night beginning Sept. 24! 

MASON DYE is a recur on "TEEN WOLF"! GLENN MCCUEN had a Greeeat guest starring role on that show as well. Look for him! It's on right now.

GAVIN CASELEGNO's "WHEN THE GAME STANDS TALL" is out in the movie theater's right now! It's awesome! Go see it! He plays Jim Caviesal's son.  His film "NOAH" is out on DVD/Blue Ray at Best Buy & other stores in the new release section right now, right next to 
EMMA FUHRMANN's movie "BLENDED" with Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore. 

MADISON PETTIS is a recur on "LAB RATS" (Disney). Her NICK show "LIFE WITH BOYS" and her "MOSTLY GHOSTLY 2" movie- Netflix, Hulu, Dvd, Redbox & PPV.  Both are on itunes too! 

BELLE SHOUSE is a regular on "SECRETS AND LIES", a new TV show that Belle is shooting with Juliette Lewis and Ryanne Phillipe as her parents. It's coming out in the Spring. She also filmed a horror flick coming out soon called "HAVENHURST". 

BREC BASINGER, who has a starring role on  NICK'S "BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS".  It's not out yet, but look for it.

JAX PACE's dad  (who is one of the STARS!) died on "HOMELAND". It's coming on Showtime and begins October 5th. Mostly now- he's in flashbacks and things..:(  I LOOOOVE this show. It's won lots of Emmy's. When his dad died on the show, I actually jumped up and started yelling!!!! It was so moving and penetrating! #waytogoHomeland

DEBBIE RYAN's fourth season of "JESSIE" in on right now. #SheIsAHugeDisneyStar 

SYDNEY FULLMER (who was the star of Sage: American Girl has got another movie coming out in October. I saw the posters up at the theater this week: "ALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY" With Steve Carrell & Dick Van Dyke.. 

LOGAN MILLER's film "SCOUTS AND ZOMBIES" is coming out in March 2015 right after 
CODY LINLEY'S "HOOVEY" which will come out in February 2015 where he plays HOOVEY, the star. His dad is played by Patrick Warburton. His Momma is 
Lauren Holly & sister is played by Alyson Stoner. 

THOMAS MANN is the movie KING! At Christmas 2013, he came home & I put him on tape for "ME, EARL & THE DYING GIRL". After many callbacks, they finally gave him the part of "ME" (Star). As soon as he wrapped that, he flew straight to NYC & filmed "PREPPIE CONNECTION" . Then, he Starts "STANDFORD EXPERIMENT" in L.A. with another Cathryn Sullivan Student, Johnny Simmons. "WELCOME TO ME"- he filmed earlier in 2013 and his "AMITYVILLE" is about to come out in theaters. I am so proud of Thomas. He worked so hard for many years on his craft, and now he is getting the rewards!
SAWYER BELL booked a lead role in a SAG feature film playing Jack in "THE LAST POSSESSION". He also filmed a short film called "SLOW WAVE" where he played Noah. He also booked a Six Flags Hurricane Harbor commercial.  


Sawyer's "Deliverance Creek" premieres in less than two weeks on Lifetime on September 13 8pm/7pm central! Please watch it!!!! 

Sawyer's sister, GEORGIA BELL   
filmed a movie where she played the lead role in "Tumble Dry Low" She also did a Six Flags commercial for their new Bugs Bunny Boomtown airing on NBC & Cartoon Network. 

CHRISTINA BURDETTE booked a lead in an independent SAG film and is filming right now! It's edge and nothing she's ever done before! #WayToGoChristina 

ALSO, we have had TWO students in screen tests this week for NETWORK shows...Can't say who yet! 

Cannon Wise booked a part as the bad boy boyfriend in "Occupy, Texas". 

JT Neal booked a recurring role on The Haunted Hathaways! He emailed me 

" I just wanted to tell you that I just booked a recurring role on Haunted Hathaways!  I wanted to tell you first before my agent, Jennifer did! Hahaha. Seriously, I can't thank you enough for all your training and support! You're the best!"

Ethan Hesson got a pilot for a TV show called "How and Why" for FX, filming in North Carolina.

Jaren Lewison booked a lead in an ABC movie shooting in Canada.

Carlisle  Studer just booked a short film!  It's being submitted to the Green Light Project which is searching for first time directors! (Green light project is Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's project) whoever wins gets to direct their next feature!

Christina Burdette, Bryce Gheisar, Eva Hennigan, Maddie Nelson, and Kiera Strauss booked a Long Cove Production website advertisement.

Bill Williams,  (who is in our adult classes)  was just cast in a lead role in a new web series "Dead Air".

Kendall Wingrove
 booked a wireless industrial and a Carolina Healthcare commercial. 

Delaney Wingrove booked an independent film. 


Adam Haworth & Brandon Sarver booked Bop it Hasbro commercial.

Kambry Musser booked the Mrs. Baird's Bread commercial.

McKoy Musser booked a Southwest Airlines commercial.

Paulet Cuellar booked a student PSA. This is her first "film" experience.  It's called "La Cadena". 

 Avery Alcala booked a National commercial "I love America"

Corbyn Lowe. Tanner Fontana. Zach Partin. N Harrison Peyrovi all booked a Nerf commercial together! How cool is THAT?!?!

Mallory Mahoney booked a commercial for Stages stores.

Kamden Beauchamp, Kiera Strauss, and Claire Capek booked an Eyemart commercial.

Big News last month is that BREC BASSINGER's Nickelodean's show got picked up where SHE is the STAR! TITLE CHARACTER! It's called "Bella and the Bullfrogs" and BREC is BELLA. Brec was in the middle of Middle School Master class series when she heard the news and had to go back out to L.A. based on the pick-up. Brec sent me an email recently "...I would of never gotten into the business without you! I hope I've made you proud. Love you lots, And I can't wait for you to see it! Thank you!" YES, I AM!

MALLORY MAHONEY has big big news! She booked a FOX network pilot called "Sober Companion". She had to go through the whole screen test for the studio/network thing! I am so proud of her! She's filming that now through May.

BELLE SHOUSE ALSO booked an ABC pilot in L.A. called "Secrets and Lies". She booked it TWO weeks after bopping out to L.A. Woo hoo!

CHRISTINA BURDETTE booked a role on "Pale Blue Dot". I talked about Kaleb King in my last newsletter having gotten a really nice big role in it last newsletter, but hadn't gotten permission to publish Christina's information at that time.

While THOMAS MANN was home during Christmas holidays, the day after Christmas I put him on tape for a movie called "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl". They JUST booked him on it as the starring role just a few weeks ago after months of callbacks and deliberations. Besides that film which he'd heard about andn had been wanting for over a year, he booked "Amityville" and is filming that right now along with MCKENNA GRACE who is also in that studio film!

MASON DYE booked a heavy recur on TEEN WOLF. Another one of my students who's been in L.A. longer, but was also a master student and aid, GLENN MCCUENALSO has a recurring role on TEEN WOLF.

TREY BUMPBASS will be the voice of the goth kid in BOOK OF LIFE. Jorge Gutierrez is the writer and director. Other actors in this movie is Channing Tatum, Zoe Sadana and many more! Not a shabby cast at all! Congrats, TREY!!!

GAVIN CASALENGO booked a Delissio Pizza commercial, but his role as Russell Crowe's oldest son (first 20 minutes as "Young Shem") in "NOAH"was quite a huge success. He has two other films coming out this year. One is playing Jim Caviezel's son in the studio film "When the Game Stands Tall" coming out this summer. Check it out!

DODGE PRINCE booked a part on the TV show "From Dusk to Dawn".

JACOB AUDRISCH booked a role as a bully on the TV pilot "Salvation".

JADEN ROBERTS AND KALEB KING booked a series of Voice-over cartoon episodes called "Owlegories." Also,Jaden's movie where she plays one of the leads (and stole the show) called "The Redemption of Henry Myers" has been playing on Hallmark all month! It comes out on DVD in June.It is aWonderful family film based on Hope! Jaden is going to be one of our AC aids this summer! Check out her family video she posted this week. She had taken the Director class last year and got her family to do this HAPPY Family video. She edited it and was costume director and well...she did quite a bit getting this together along with her family. Check it out! It will make you happy.

ROBERT HAYES & MEGAN MCGOWN both have booked a principal part in the TV show, "REVOLUTION".LEXIE CREEVY booked a Michael's holiday radio spot, but best of all-she booked a part in a TV show.MEGAN also booked the lead in an independent short in which she plays God in the form a woman.

LIV AND GIGI HAYNES and KAMBRY MUSSER booked principal roles in the SAG feature film/mockumentary "Hidden in the Heart of Texas".

MACK WHITE booked a spree fitness monitor commercial!

JESSICA MECHLER booked a web series with former student LINDSEY SEIDEL (at college) for the project called "Morganville". Jessica also booked a commercial.

MEGAN MCGOWN, LISANDRA ORTEGA, AARON MAYNARD, AND REED WILLIAMS ALL booked principal roles on a PEPSI commercial. THAT is a casting director who knows what actors to choose!!

ALSO, MYLES MCGEE, ADAM HAWORTH & AARON MAYNARD (again) booked a nerf commercial that is showing now!

KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP AND BRANT PITTMAN booked the Transformers Commercials! "Thank you for all the hard work you've done with Brant! It paid off watching him on that set! You are amazing." Said Brant's mom. KAMDEN's Valero commercial is airing right now. Also, KAMDEN AND BLAKE GHEISAR booked a Kaplan University commercial.

EVA HENNIGAN booked her very first commercial- HASBRO! That's a big deal!

MCKOY MUSSER also booked HER very first commercial! It was for Southwest Airlines! A few weeks later, she booked KCM Super Kids Academy.

KAYLEE KING booked a supporting role in a SAG modified budget project called "FLAY!" YAY!

CORBYN LOWE booked a Dannon commercial Voiceover for Frusion!

CANON WISE booked a lead in a pilot presentation in L.A.

LOGAN MILLER, former aid and student (living in L.A.) got the lead in Tye Sheridan's "Scouts and Zombies".It's a huge deal! Lots of buzz on this one!

ASHLEY BOETTCHER'S pilot "Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street" is going to Series! It got picked up! YEAH!

JAREN LEWISONbooked a Christmas TV movie..which is very cool..but we can't mention the title or the network yet. Stay tuned!

JUDE MANLEY booked the Academy commercial!

AVERY ALCALA booked a principal role in a PSA!

EMMA LOU CUNNINGHAM completed her indie movie where she played the lead role in "The Seeker" which became an Official selection at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival and went on to win a Grand Jury Prize.She also shot another indie called "Unwanted". She also will be filming another indie called "AFTER" which shoots this summer. Also, MADISON GILBERT, another one of my students,is in that movie! Emma just booked another indie this past week, but we don't have that name yet. WOW! EMMA Is on a ROLL!!!

MYA GUILLORY booked a film as the daughter in an indie called "The Lyme Lyte as Star Spice".

VICTORIA ROBERTS booked a commercial for Literacy Foundation.

OLIVIA WELCH booked the Methodist Carrollton Heart Health event Voice-over.

BRENNAN BLISS AND REED WILLIAMS booked a Boy Scout industrial.

ARIANA VAIL booked a principal in the short "Leaves on Trees".

I am very proud of each and every one of you for your accomplishments. I'm also proud of those of you who are finally getting that agent interview you've wanted so badly. Not only that, but I am also proud of those of you who are progressing in class. If you don't progress in class, you won't get the other goals you have in mind. Think of this business as a bunch of stairs. Each step taken helps your reach your objective.

Here are a few of the students who've come out of my program that have become big "stars":





MCKALEY MILLER booked the "Untitled Kelsey Grammar" Pilot.

LISANDRA ORTEGA booked supporting role in "Drisden's Run" which is filming in San Antonio. This is her first supporting role. We are so excited for her!

BREC BASSINGER's pilot got picked up. She's a recur on Jennie Garth & Tory Spelling's new TV show. She is still a recur on Haunted Hathaways and as of last newsletter- she booked the star of her own show. She's a busy girl, but is back in TEXAS for a few weeks and is in MIDDLE SCHOOL MASTER CLASS.;

JAREN LEWISON booked a role as Adam Sandler's son in the feature film (shooting in Austin, TX) called "Pale Blue Dot". Also, one of my San Antonio students, ;KALEB KING (whom I share with John Macateer-his main coach in San Antonio) booked a principal as one of the cheerleaders in this movie as well. Terry Cass & I have been going down to San Antonio to help the students down there with more professional headshots, parent seminars & workshops for the students with the invitation from John.;

SARAH DALY ;booked a national ;J C Penney's commercial.She had three commercials airing at the same time- Cooper Tires, Great Wolf Lodge & ;J C Penneys! ;#commercialqueen

EMILY SCHLESINGER booked a lead in an independent film "What I'm drowning in".;

AUDREY GERTHOFFER booked her first commercial. Woo;
hoo! It was for Book a Bear Commercial! Congrats Audrey! You have worked hard!
I got a wonderful email from DIEGO DeLUGO's mom saying "Training with Caleb Pierce has paid off. Diego is on a roll, booking 3 national and 2 regional commercials in the last year. This last month, he booked Taco Cabana. Before that- Hasbro, Strayer University & Texas Speedway. ;He also booked an industrial with AAFES. ;"I can't tell you how much the classroom training translates in the audition and on-set. Caleb also stresses professionalism and manners. Thank you so much for getting your actors off on the right footing".
PARKER CONTI EPPES booked a Chuck E Cheese commercial and then, a Voiceover with MADISON KAY for a park in new Hampshire. They also booked a wet and wild commercial together!;
ASJIA COOPER booked another episode on "The Fosters" and so has;
ANNE WINTERS, who's done multiple recurs as the troublemaker. Asjia also booked a principal role on a new show on MTV called "Faking it". Anne is on a new TV show in Israel called "Tyrant", which FX has promised that it will be one of this year's hot-button series. Check out the link of Anne on "The Foster" .;
BRANDON SARVER booked a Reebok commercial.
AUSTIN ELKINS booked a web series pilot which films in Oklahoma.
KATY CROOKS AND DODGE PRINCE shot a Texas oncology commercial (which is airing right now).;
AVERY ALCALA booked a rent a center commercial both in Spanish & English.
NOEL COET shot an independent film in Pittsburgh for about a month. She sent me a tweet this morning ;that read "Thank you for being hard on me, but always encouraging me to be better and never give up on my dream! You are an inspiration!";


THOMAS MANN- Thomas is the STAR OF the insanely wild, break-out movie "PROJECT X". Thomas isn't stopping there. He has many more films coming out this year and about to shoot another one in New Orleans next week.  He was not only a student for over 4 years, but was an aide and master teacher for almost 2 years.

LOGAN HENDERSON- His show and boy band  where he is one of the four stars in the hit series "BIG TIME RUSH".  This show not only made him a TV star, but their band tours the world.  "BIG TIME RUSH"  won big a few weeks ago at the NICKOLODEAN CHOICE AWARDS.

He also was not just a student for a straight 4 years, but also an aide at the studio for several years.  His writings are legendary and have become a standard for our Comedy monologue series in our New Master 1 class.

SAVANNAH JAYDE- Also on "BIG TIME RUSH", she plays one of the beautiful 'Jennifers' who the Big Time Rush boys adore. She took classes for years at my studio in Coppell. Looove Savannah.

SELENA GOMEZ- Selena Gomez is one of the biggest teen stars in the world. EVERYONE knows Selena from everything to her hit show "Wizards of Waverly Place" to her very successful singing career where her songs are always on the charts. She is one of the most popular and adored teen stars and has been winning NICK choice awards for years! She is a wonderful role model as well as landing the most popular male singing star, Justin Bieber! She also did THREE pilots before she landed the one that worked. Her determination, patience & perseverance are unmatched by most of the students that come to the studio. If more of us had her tenacity, who knows what could happen?! You can even see her Hollywood Story where Cathryn talks about her determination on E. (A part of it is on the website

Her mom is a wonderful team player & is a super-mom! IF it wasn't for Selena's calm, professional, reasonable but brilliant MOM, Selena might not be where she is today. (PARENTS: TAKE NOTE!)

DEMI LOVATO- Demi ALSO had a hit show at Disney & has a BRILLIANT singing voice where her concerts sells out around the world! Her incredibly loyal fans are un-matched. Demi has had struggles & faces them with courage landing her as another kind of role model . She's used those struggles as a platform to raise awareness which is  helping millions of children and teens with empowers them daily.  She has "risen above" while pursuing her dreams....AND DEMI LOVATO WAS MY FIRST EMMY-AWARD WINNING STUDENT  for her brilliant Best guest star role on the TV  show "Grey's Anatomy" which I was honored to coach her for.  She ALSO has  a VERY SUPPORTIVE Mom who has had been able to navigate keep a good family unit together with all 3 of her daughters in the business! Demi's youngest sister, MADISON DELARGARZA played Eva Longoria's daughter on "Desperate Housewives" for years.  Although Madison was not at my studio for very long, her sister, Dallas (who had been with me for 6 years) successfully coached her baby sister for this very  coveted role!

JAX PACE- Jax Pace has had many successful roles. Besides being in the movie "Queensized" with my son, CHAD LINLEY, he also booked a CBS  pilot "Ace in the Hole" playing Adam Corolla's son. NOW, he is a series regular on the new Showtime hit series "HOMELAND". He attended the Golden Globe awards this year where his new hit  serieswon "Best T.V. Drama".  (Check out  Jax holding the Golden Globe award on "Cathryn Sullivan's Acting for Film" facebook page). Besides studying with me for many years , Jax  was also a mini-aide until he booked this show & had to move on location to North Carolina.  Two weeks ago, his CSI came on as he played a little sociopath!

AH HA! That Film 6 training DID come in handy!!!

CODY LINLEY- Cody Linley started out his career booking an amazing lead role at the tender age of 8 in the classic film "My Dog Skip". He continued to book roles in huge films working alongside Sandra Bullock, Kevin Bacon, Natalie Portman, Diane Lane, Ashley Judd, Steve Martin, William Shatner, Martin Lawrence, Michael Cane, Logan Lerman and many more while still living in TEXAS. His career continues to grow. He is best known for his recurring role on Disney's biggest hit show ever- "Hannah Montana" as Miley Cyrus' movie star boyfriend "Jake Ryan" which made him a teen sensation.   He went on to use his diverse talents to charm all of America on "Dancing with the Stars" with Julianne Hough, an American favorite dancing all the way into the "FINAL FOUR" .... Quite an accomplishment for a basketball player who never danced a day in his life. This summer, He has a film premiering at the reknowned and respected Tribeca Film Festival in New York titled "The Playroom" where he does some edgy, sexy scenes!  He also has a recur in the upcoming ABC Family Hit "Melissa & Joey" Season 2. Watch for them!  His many awards include Young Artist awards  & the very prestigious Audio award in 2009 for his role as "Jesus" in the Bible series "Word of Promise".

We are lucky & honored to have him come back to the studio giving back to actors and helping those from where he started.

DEBBY RYAN- Also studying at my studio was Debbie Ryan. Her career quickly blossomed beginning her career on "Suite Life of Zak & Cody"  and  went on to book a leading role on  "Suite life on Deck" and now she has her own Disney show "Jessie" where she plays "Jessie". There are more successes in her future as she launches  her singing career. She is sweet, sassy & adorable.

JENNIFER STONE- Jennifer Stone  played "Harper" on "Wizard of Waverly Place".  I had Jennifer in privates for 2 years & she was always a very serious feature film actor (like Cody Linley). I remember one seminar where she did a scene from "Girl Interrupted" which made the hair on my arms stand up.

LOGAN MILLER- Howard Meltzer noticed Logan Miller one weekend when Howard was an industry guest at my studio and Logan was an aide. When Howard began casting "I'm in the Band", Howard thought of Logan. Logan booked that role & had a nice run on Disney XD with it. He's also had a recur on this season's "Awake".

MADISON PETTIS-Madison Pettis was a very special young lady. Joey Paul-Jensen found her at a seminar when Joey was casting "Cory in the House" and she was looking for a sassy young girl that could play the president's daughter. When Madison came out to L.A., she was asked to audition for "Game Plan" and won both parts for both "Cory in the House" & "Game Plan".  I  had the honor of coaching her for both of these parts as we were both in L.A. at the time! It made her a break-out darling in Hollywood. Right now, She's a series regular on "Life with Boys" which filmed in Canada & will premier on NICK in the USA soon. It has already premiered on NICK in many other countries like Germany, Israel, France, Phillipines, etc! I just had lunch with she and her Momma and you will be awed how gorgeous this girl has become. She was adorable when she was little, but WOW...WOW!

BRYCE CASS- Bryce Cass is another student who has had a lot of success while still living in Texas. His emotionally-charged stand-out  role in "Battle L.A." has made the industry take notice of his amazing talent. He was able to use his Film 2 skills to cry on cue for many takes on this film.  He also has done 27 episodes of "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" and several other films. He is the king of screen-tests right now and has gotten more screen tests the past year than almost anyone I know. His time is nearing! The odds are EVER in his favor. He also is a very cool aid at our studio. His momma (Terry Cass) is our office manager. Bryce is a very special boy and I can't wait to see what his future holds.

GLENN MCCUEN- Played Aloe on NICK's "Bucket & Skinner"!..and Guess What?! He was also an aid.


JOHNNY SIMMONS-Johnny Simmons is in everything! He got his break playing Steve Carell's on in "Evan Almighty" and went on to book "Hotels for Dogs", "Jennifer's Body", "The Greatest", "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" and most recently was in "21 Jump Street".



Everyone at the studio knows and loves KATIE SARIFE, but the world is about to know who she is too. She had an adorable role in the hit teen TV movie "Teen Spirit", and almost immediately booked Disney's much talked-about pilot "Zombies and Cheerleaders".


OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE ON HOLLYWOOD'S RADAR AND ARE "ON THE RISE"  are  ROBERT HAYES who has a nice part in "The Lucky One" with Zak Efron. He also had a small part in "American Reunion".  Both have come out in the last month!

JAREN LEWISON & REED WILLIAMS booked NICK's pilot-"Bad Fairy" and even though the pilot didn't get picked up, they are NETWORK-APPROVED and will undoubtedly get more work with that seal of approval.  Jaren was actually found at my studio one weekend when Catherine Stroud was here to do a workshop where she found her "Roman" after a nationwide search. Clever  Jaren brought that character to life & Catherine made me put him on tape right then in the other room WHILE the seminar was going on.  Even though it was a Sunday, Catherine immediately  sent it to her producer .  Jaren was asked to fly to L.A. the next day to meet with producers where he screen-tested THAT WEEK for the show, booked it and began filming! JAMIE WHITE & CAMPBELL WILLIAMS shot "Little in Common", a studio/network pilot last pilot season. It secured them both a prestigious agent in L.A.

I believe in NOELL COET, who in the last two weeks has booked TWO things, a web-series and a film! She always stands out in her projects. She is beautiful & driven and is exciting to watch her career grow. She also screen tested several times this pilot season for pilots-one where she was suppose to be British. Man! What an actress!

RYAN AKIN, who was the star of "Five Time Champion" always surprises critics with his confidence & extreme realism & vulnerability he puts in his characters. He was seen in GCB, the TV show and just booked another film with a producer who's daughter goes to my school! :)

TAYLOR TIPPINS- What I like about Taylor is that her original class went on to L.A (The Pro master class w Cody Linley, Logan Henderson, Demi Lovato, etc) while she went to college. She dropped out of the studio for a little while because she missed her class so much, but came back with a determination & drive that I had never seen in her. She is in the premiere class, has grown as an actress, is a trusted aid & has booked films, music videos & others. She booked 4 films in 5 months! She impressed me with her role as a Czech slave-girl where she took on the Czech accent & the vulnerability & desperation of a slave trying to get out of that life. She is full of poise & there is more to her than meets the eye. Watch out for Taylor.


SIDNEY FULLMER screen-tested for a Ellen Degeneres pilot just a few weeks ago and there are several others that we can't mention because there are deals in place that are in the works.

MIA FORD was just nominated for her fourth "Young Artist Award"  for best guest starring role in a T.V. series "Chase'! She WON last year for her role as young Rachel  Weiss  in  "Within".

EMMA FUHRMANN has a film coming out soon playing opposite Morgan Freeman called "The Magic of Belle Isle". Rob Reiner directed! You might also have seen her in "Chase' or "Prime Suspect"!



Kamden Beauchamp's film "Looper" with Bruce Willis, Jeff Bridges & Emily Blunt.

Here is the link for the very very cool trailer:

Campbell & Reed Williams booked "Hiding in Plain Sight" which has got more finiancing and is now a full-length feature. Reed also booked  EA Sports game time with Robert  Griffin-Heisman Trophy Winner.

Taylor Stammon booked the part of "Karis" in the indie film "Karis".

Taylor Tippins booked an awesome film playing "Siren".

Alex Rodee booked her first voice-over in a feature film in THAILAND! She plays Rusty, one of the 3 leads. She had to learn how to say all of her lines iin Thai. Her mother writes "Thank you for all of your coaching. It was invaluable and gave her the confidence to do this!"

Noel Coett booked a lead in the indie "Rapture Road" & a lead in a webisode "The Runaways". I had breakfast with her the day before she began shooting

Glenn McCuen, Hayden Tweedie, Sean Przano, Alyssa Overbeck booked "Resident Evil".

Ben Pierce booked the film "Bliss" .

Emma Cunningham & Ryan Akin booked the indie film "The Note".

Colin Jarvis booked the film "One Hand Clapping" where he had to cry and be angry in the scene. His mother writes "Thanks for all of your coaching".

Madeline Barnett booked Exxon & a Build-a-Bear commercial.

Chelsea Howes booked a Ray-ban commercial.

Mary Wheat booked a commercial for WFAA.

Megan McGowan booked a student film in "Austinites".

Belle Shouse & Parker Eppes booked another project playing siblings again for NW Arkansas Museum.

Alex Alford booked 3 films: "Conviction" "Grief" & "Bicycle".

Joshua Gage booked moneygram.




Hayley Orrantia - "How the Hell Am I Normal" ABC pilot.  Mom, Wendy Covey, is in bridesmaids and Jeff Garland is dad.  Family of 5. This is huge as Hayley went up against thousands of girls..Many of them names & those who've had starring roles in other Network/& Disney projects. WAY TO GO, HAYLEY!

Cody Linley- has had two trailers of his latest movies come out this week! One is G-rated called "Champion" one called "The Playroom". Both can be found on my FB Cathryn Sullivan's Acting for Film page or  copy & Paste: and look at both trailers. Do me a favor. Please "LIKE" as I am always YOUR child's biggest fan! We all need to support each other.

Asjha Cooper - booked a role on"The New Normal" and A webisode series "The Secret Diary of An American Cheerleader Season 2" She & Mason have a huge following of cheerleader fans!

Benjamin Pierce - booked a recurring voice over for 4 months.

Mason Dye - booked webisode series "The Secret Diary of An American Cheerleader Season 2"

Shelby Schneider - booked an episode of  "Fatal Encounters".

Clara Blankenship, Estelle Hermensen and Megan McGown - booked a Cirro Energy commercial

Jeremy Becerra and Bryce Cass have a cool movie trailer.  Check it out atMissionParkFilmTeaserTrailer !!!

Watch Alex Alford in " Searching Serenity"

Nadia Islam - booked a Prudential Insurance commercial

Madison Gilbert and Tory Suddarth - booked an indie Christian film!  A rags to rascal story.

Mentioned in Newsletter September 14, 2012:As mentioned in my newsletter a few days ago, GAVIN CASALEGNO booked a lead in the feature film "Noah" which filmed in Iceland and New York.  Other starts in this film whom he worked with were Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Logan Lerman, Jennifer Connelly & Emma Watson.  THAT IS AN A-LIST FILM, MY DEARS!  WOW!!!

MACK WHITE & ROBERT HAYES booked the SAG movie "One-Heart" which will be filmed right here in Dallas area.  I am the set acting coach on this film.  CARMEN STUDER is an associate producer on this movie with an $8 million dollar budget.  So happy and proud of all of them!!!!

MIRANDA MONEY was working on a set in August, "The Champion" when she noticed the lead male was one of her teachers here at the studio, CODY LINLEY!!!!  They had an awesome time!  :)

Hot off the press!  Just happened today!  KENNEDY HERMANSEN booked the role of Petunia in "Starving Games" in Louisiana.

SAHANA SRIVINSON has been busy this summer.  She shot "Space Warriors".

TREY BUMPASS just wrapped "The Adventures of Bailey:  Christmas Hero" which will be released in Walmart, Red Box and other stores on October 30th.  He is currently filming the next one in the series "Adventures of Bailey:  A Night in Cowtown" and having a blast!!  He did a voice over for Boy Scouts this summer.  HIs mom sent me an email "Trey said he owed it all to you and Cody"!!!  (Awww.)

LOGAN LINDHOLM booked a supporting role as "Young Scooter" in the film "ULB feature film:  Toy Story".

RYAN AKIN starred in the film "The Note" and EMMA CUNNINGHAM had a nice role in it as well.  That indie will Premiere at the Dallas Film Festival in March, 2013.

MCKENNA GRACE has been super busy!  She shot a movie where she played Adrian Greiner's daughter in "Goodbye World".  She also booked a recurring role on Crash & Bernstein as Jasmine Bernstein  a co-starring role in a new FOX show called "Goodwin Games" written by the same people who wrote "How I Met Your Mother".  Her momma writes "Thank you for such great classes and for helping McKenna along the way.  This has been a dream come true for her and she is having a blast!"

PALEIGH KNIGHT booked a co-star on Major Crimes, a spinoff TV show of "The Closer".  Her episode of "Major Crimes" will be on Monday, October 1st, TNT 8pm Central.

BRANDON SARVER booked a supporting role in "Pebble".  

TY ROSELLINI booked a pilot called "Deadbeat X Squad".

LISANDRA ORTEGA booked a Michael's commercial.

TAYLOR TIPPINS  booked a FAITH-Based Film.

MICHAEL SHELLIS booked a McDonald's commercial.


GRAYSON MCFARLIN, GREGORY FREEMAN & NATHAN GAGE booked a SAG Nike commercial.  Nathan also booked a regular Chuck E Cheese commmercial as well as COLLIN JARVIS.  CONGRATS, ALL OF YOU!!!!

GRAYSON MCFARLIN also booked an AAFES industrial.  

AUDREY WENTZ also booked a PSA Room2Love.

KAMDEN BEAUCHAMP also booked a PSA Edna Gladney as well as a Juicy Juice commercial and a Radio Shack in-store commercial.  JOSHUA GAGE & VICTORIA ROBERTS were also principals on the Juicy Juice commercial and LORENZO PEARSON did the Voice-Over for the PSA Edna Gladney!

AMY MADDOX booked a Febreeze commercial.

AMANDA LEE MARTIN booked a national Spanish Sprint commercial.


DAVID ALLEN NORTON booked "TV Show Favorite Encounters".

ANDRE' AUSTIN booked a Hasbro commercial.

AXEL FLORES booked a Leap Frog commercial.

CORBIN LOWE booked a Utah Beverage Control PSA.

MASON DYE & NATHAN GAGE booked a Dick's Sporting Good commercial.  Mason also booked the second "Adventures of Bailey" film.

JAREN LEWISON & MARISSA CAVAZOS booked a Banfield Pet Hospital commercial.

MARIAH QUINTANA was recently cast in a small role on the film "Don Jon's Addiction" with Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon Levitt.  She was also cast in the film "Believe" by French director Paul Mignot and it co-stars Cloverfield star Michale Stahl David.  She did a Volkswagen commercial and a Love All Humans/Anti Bullying campaign that is set for distribution on MTV and in theaters (during the trailers).

NOELL COET has been working on the second season of a web series and first season came out.  Check on You Tube for "Runaways" Web series.  It already has over 100,000 hits and the trailer has over a million.  ALRIGHT, NOELL!!!

KAYLEE KING booked the lead role, "Rachel" in a trailer for a feature film "The Saviour".  

GRANT GRIFFITH booked 2 short films "Last Chance" & "Pizza for three".

DID YOU SEE THE ENNY'S THIS WEEK?!! JAX PACE, a regular on "HOMELAND" was so excited when his show won "Best Drama" at the Emmy's this week.  CONGRATS, JAX!!!!

SYDNEY FULMNER & MIKAYLA ABDULA booked "An American Girl" film. 

Mentioned in Newsletter February 9, 2012 

JAREN LEWISON - Bad Fairy (Nick Pilot) "Roman" (He booked this after Catherine Stroud saw him at the seminar that was held here!   He flew to L.A. the day after the seminar, worked with producers on the day after, and screen-tested on Wednesday!  On Thursday, he booked the job!  The very next week, they asked him to screen test for a NICK movie!

REED WILLIAMS - Bad Fairy (Nick Pilot) "Chad"

MEGAN SHERRILL - Iceman, "Mona & MCKALEY MILLER - Iceman, "Anabel" - both girls shot for one month in Louisiana with Winona Ryder and David Schwimmer.

 - Music video "Holding On"

 - Great Wolf Lodge commercial.

MADISON PETTIS - Has been shooting "Life With Boys" in Canada and Nickelodeon picked it up as part of their programming.  CONGRATS, Madison... and Michelle (her momma)!

JULIANA WHITE - Booked Great Wolf Lodge commercial, TV spot, magazine, park display, internet, brochure.... everything!

JONATHAN HARP - booked a role in a SAG film, "So This Is Christmas".

TREY BUMPASS - filming an indie film with Hungry Bear Productions!!!!  Adventures of Bailey:  Christmas Here.  He is playing "Truman" - son, lead role!!!

GISELLE COTTRELL - Great Wolf Lodge commercial.

VERONICA DOLLAR - booked Ghosties 2.  Films in Houston.

JACQUELINE BLOMQUIST - (who comes to class every week from Houston) was one of the l eads for New Vista Lane.

JUDE BAREMORE - booked a role in The Host (Stephanie Meyer's book).

CAMERON TEN NAPEL - won "Best Actress" for feature film "The Lamp" at the Traildance Film Festival in Oklahoma.  The film itself won "Best Drama" and "Best of Fest".   CAMERON TEN NAPEL, KATIE BURGESS, GEORGIA COLE, BEN LUX, REED WILLIAMS, GREYSON MOORE AND DARELL ALAN COLE all participated in this film and are all my students!!!!!  

PARKET EPPS-CONTI and BELLE SHOUSE - booked NW Arkansas Children's Museum commercial.