About Cathryn Sullivan

Cathryn Sullivan "Cathryn Sullivan is one of the top acting coaches in the nation," said a renowned casting director who casts for popular Disney shows, to a group attending a seminar who wanted to know how to help their children and teens reach their dreams. "Learn from her!" he said.

Cathryn coaches children, teen actors and young adults and has taught many stars (all who've taken from her for several years) that include Demi Lovato (X-Factor, Won Emmy for guest-star on Grey's Anatomy, Sonny with a Chance, Camp Rock), Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place, Romona, Monti-Carlo, Princess Protection Program), Thomas Mann (star of Project X, Beautiful Creatures), Madison Pettis (Life With Boys, Corey in the House, Game Plan), Jackson Pace (a regular in the Emmy & Golden Globe-award winning "Homeland"), Logan Henderson (Big Time Rush) & Cody Linley (Hannah Montana, Dancing with the Stars, Hoot) and continues to stay in touch with all of them-even today. She coaches many actors for all levels of acting and enjoys developing them and watching them grow.

Cathryn "Cathy" Sullivan began loving the craft of acting as a teenager doing speech tournaments and lead stage roles in high school, college and community theater.  "I took professional classes for several years from many teachers, but I never felt like I was being taught how to "GROW" as an actress. I finally found one brilliant and gifted teacher who really knew how to teach actors how to improve their craft. After taking from him for three years, three times a week and working in the film industry for a while, I became his partner and began teaching film and TV seminars to adults and children.  We taught seminars in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas for several years.  My passion for being an actress grew into a deep love for directing and teaching.  I took this knowledge and added to it the practical knowledge I have gained by being on dozens of sets all over the country and that is what my building block program is based on today!  IT WORKS!  I was in Coppell for 9 years teaching at Everybody Fits, but 4 years ago-opened my own studio in Lewisville, Texas.  Every year, there are several of my students who begin reaching their dreams.  Because of this, we have students who come from all over the country to our classes (Wisconsin, Miami, Kansas, Chicago, Virginia, etc) and even the world including Thailand and China!  In my classes, we focus on the positives of the student's performance, but gently point out the problem areas of the actor and explain how to make those moments better.  I love actors.  I believe that if a student has talent, I can help them develop or enhance a great imagination (a must for an actor), the ability to adapt well, and teach them many other skills that are required to be a professional actor.  With a strong support system in place (Must be Parents for children!), there is a great chance for success.  I love helping actors reach their dreams!